Let's Talk—The Importance of Doing Absolutely Nothing and Taking a Break!

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I took 2 days off from writing last weekend and rested my brain a little bit, utilizing this time to attend to some backlogged work and reply to over 500 pending comments on my posts. It wasn't exactly break that I wanted, but I used the time to reflect back on these past 8 weeks that I worked without a day off.

It was a much needed time off from producing fresh content on Steemit, and it helped me refresh my mind and gave me some time to introspect on my life.


Learning without reflection is a waste, reflection without learning is dangerous—Confucius

It's nearly impossible to do nothing when we decide to take a break. Infact many of us and the various people in our lives often consider doing nothing as being irresponsible or wasting our time away. Infact, if we did a lot less and reflect a bit more on our activities, we are likely to do better on the important activities that demand our complete attention in our lives.

Living a life without an uninterrupted period of break to assess our thoughts and reflect back on our lives can stunt our growth; mental and physical. Our mind needs a break and being distracted all the time with an endless to-do list can make it nearly impossible to break the habit and get yourself some space to unwind, relax and breathe.

Sometimes doing nothing and can positively help us in improving our mental health, enhancing our creativity and fueling our imagination when we are ready to come back to work. Remember, we aren't bots that can work non-stop. As human beings we need to take a break regularly. It's impossible to work continuously at the pace of the internet.

There are days when I wake up thinking I don't need a break because I love what I'm doing even if I'm exhausted, assuming that by doing nothing I'm wasting my time. Yesterday, I had a conversation with @aishwarya about her post where she shared the following image:

As soon as I read it, I realized that she was right!

Sometimes, we live in a delusion where we force ourselves to remain busy all the time. We live under the impression that it is the correct thing to do. But we're often missing out on valuable time that could have been spent otherwise doing absolutely nothing. Especially considering sometimes the effort we put in under stress is neither productive nor smart, and it could be something that's moving us towards a psychological burnout.

In this era of information technology there are numerous ways to keep yourself busy or entertained. We are often multi-tasking and catching up on things, worried that we may get left behind. In a corporate setting work-addicts are preferred and many managers ensure their subordinates never leave the desk for a break or when they do, start counting the minutes. But they forget, we aren't machines, only human!

The element of control exerted makes it impossible get a breather from work to ensure productivity remains high! Remember, there's more to life than pushing yourselves unnecessarily.

A friend on my facebook wrote this earlier today:

Doing nothing is important, it's not important to everyone, not important for long, but still it is important. So many folks would be doing something instead of nothing.

Sometimes, if you have a problem staring in your face or a situation that has you bogged down, try to take yourself out of the situation. Do nothing, relax your mind and you'll find the answer or solutions to your problems upon your return. Less is always more!

It's a waste of energy and effort if you continue thinking that your tasks will add up and you will have more to catch up with. A refreshed mind may ensure you have far less to deal with when you come back to addressing the task at hand.

Importance of Taking a Break

  1. Breaks allow to remain focused and we are unlikely to get bored with our work if we don't push our brains to work extended hours on the same task.
  2. You can use the time off to introspect your goals and reevaluate how you want to go about it. It's a good idea to take a break atleast once every hour.
  3. If you are having an information overload, a break will help you absorb the information better. This way you are likely to improve your efficiency than reduce it.
  4. Managers who encourage employees to take a break are likely to see better quality of work from their team.

Feeling Guilty?

There's no need to feel guilty about taking a break. A quick walk, listening to music or a quick chat with a friend can help ease the pressure off you to perform at 100%. When I worked in corporate, I made it a point to take a 5 minute break every 60-90 minutes. This allowed me to focus better. Most of the time my manager would join us too and this helped us bond better and perform to the best of our abilities.

As a solopreneur now with a work-from-home setup, the added flexibility and freedom allows me to take as many breaks as I need to ensure my creative output and motivational levels are high. I used to feel guilty about taking breaks but a few people drilled it into me that if I don't take breaks I'm going to burn out. There was a time when I did burn out from working too much and taking fewer breaks and that taught me some important life lessons!


What Can I Do To Take a Break?

  1. I listen to music as it helps me focus when I work. I'm always listening to music that helps me remain calm even when I'm not working.
  2. I take a break and lie down in the afternoon and daydream my goals and reevaluate them. Most of the time I end up generating some great ideas that I end up writing about after a 15 min-30min break thinking about my plans for the future.
  3. A powernap is always helpful. During my advertising days I used to take a power nap when working late nights and that used to boost my energy levels.
  4. Exercise is a great way to boost your stamina and reducing your stress.
  5. I call a couple of close friends daily or regularly and stay in touch, talk about life and fun things and that I find is a great way to relax. Talk to your friends, family or co-workers.
  6. I get out of the house and look at the garden sometimes, we get a few colorful birds and a cat or two is always roaming around my house. Nature I find is a great mind-muscle relaxant!
  7. For those of you who enjoy Yoga or meditation, do it. If not try some!
  8. I used to love riding motorcycles and that was a great de-stresser for me. Currently it isn't possible so I take the car out on a drive everyday and put on my favorite music and that soothes my mind.
  9. If you have a hobby pursue it, if not get started on anything. You could simply start doodling stuff to get things off your mind.


As you can see there are a number of ways to take a break and re-focus energies on anything that's truly important to you. There's no saying what will happen in the next minute so ensure you can live a life comfortably, while being at peace with yourself and your profession. It's not easy to balance things but neither is it impossible!

I'd love to read in the comments what you think about taking a break and how you go about it? I'm sure you will have a few tips which may be very valuable!

I'll close this post with something I came across on old social media as I was writing this article:

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Highly motivational stuff @firepower! Yes, breaks are indeed necessary. I'm just sad that I realized it so late, 3 years into corporate life which drained me out physically and mentally. Thankfully I managed to quit and escape the prison that it had become!

Life is indeed fleeting. Over the past couple of weeks, I've lost three young people (friends and family included), all of whom died of heart attack. This is a clear indicator that something is really wrong in the way we lead our lives.

I hope life here on Steemit helps me get back on track, giving me fresh ideas and a new wave of positivism!

Thanks bro! :) Glad you found this useful! :)

Its mandatory specially now .
Our parents and grand parents had a pretty relaxed life or at least more relaxing than ours , and they used to take many vacations , spend more time with family, quit from thr noise outside.

Now we r on a non-stop wheels which never stop, we need to take the decision and take a break .

Working ppl, moms , students , everyone .
To keep giving the community and family and and ....etc , you have to charge first.

Good post @firepower
To remind us that we are not machines we r human Beings

Yes you are right! I try to take a break on the weekends at the very least nowadays

Well done post Keep your good work

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Wauw, really good content @firepower!

Yesterday I wrote a short post about a related subject for inspiration. I got inspired by your post as well now! :-)

Breaks are highly undervalued!

Glad you liked it!

Thanks! :)

Even the biggest of the man-made machines undergo scheduled maintenance downtime! It's very much a need to pause, think, reflect and continue in these days where life is so fast paced that we miss out on so many important things. By the time we realise the misses we've had, it'll be too late!

absolutely right!

Oh yes! Just yes!!! I used to work in high-powered, fast-paced environment which wore me down after a number of years. Now, I work for myself from home. I live a short 10 minute drive to a large nature reserve where I spend an hour to an hour and a half every lunchtime. It is completely rejuvenating and let's me come up with my best creative ideas. We all need it - but some people are rather trapped.

getting close to nature is something that most people overlook you are spot on with this post,for anyone in doubt just go feed the ducks or a stray animal, sit quietly and listen to the breeze its like a mini holiday from lifes pressures, to watch nature i swear is the best learning experience you can find and it is totally free, to see a family of ducks go about their business just foraging for food or a tree swaying in the wind, even a wild moorland with its varied habitat and multitude of inhabitants they give us breaks from the pressures of life and leave us thinking i suspect that we could be more like them :)

I think you did a good thing by changing your line of work or your work environment. It's great to know that you live close to a reserve. That's just perfect in my opinion!

This is super helpful! Looking forward to taking a real day or two off myself one of these days! I could use the reset. Thanks for the inspiration. In the meantime one of my strategies is to get the kids involved and make my art & work projects fun... https://steemit.com/funny/@dougkarr/how-fill-your-wallet-with-steem-in-5-easy-steps

Yeah, you should get a day off or two. Go for it! Cheers!

Smart move... Sometime you need to take a break or step back to see your true VISION!

Indeed, It does bring out a good Vision and goal.

When you live life without a break, you are bound to crash at some point.
Great post @firepower

.. Taken notes of your tips.

Agreed! Thanks! Glad I could share. :)

You're welcome

I seem to take "breaks" a little too serious !

Well, you should put a break on it then :D

Oh yes, thanks for the reminder, yes, I do feel guilty when I'm taking a break but yes, I need a break. A break or more accurately rest does wonders for me and I need to hammer that into my head. Resting allows me to come back later and be much more efficient.

Absolutely! Spot on! A good nice leisure break is what we need! :)

good nap, exercise and later good book is a solution to all problems

Absolutely! Sleep, exercise and a good read will be refreshing!

Taking breaks are always good when you're doing consistent work for a long time. I usually take 10 min break after my every lecture. I know it's importance because it allows me to focus more and provide me a sharp focus at whatever I would do next.
By the way you have been kind of invisible for last 3 days. Now I know what you were doing and as usual you were doing something necessary.
This post contains your personal opinion about life and I respect that . @firepower

Thank you for your views. Yes, I was busy taking some good rest :D
I am glad you could agree on this! :)

It is important to do nothing sometimes, we owe it to our body

Yes, we do. Our body need good rest at times! Taking a break is good for the mind and the body.

HolySmoke! ... A Bong Hit doesn't Hurt either !!!

The value of space and perspective. SO necessary for people to understand in our 'go go go' pedal to the metal society.

I completely agree on this matter, we need brakes regularly and contemplate on what we have done, and let it sink in, so new ideas can arise again. Let the new creativity flow again... upvoted, resteemed and followed brother!


I am young. In 3 months I will be 22. I'm working hard to finish college, Civil engineering. I am pretty good, only one year left for me. Next month is my "resting" time.
Anyway, I read your post and I am completely aware of the importance of rest. But right now I feel like I don't have time for any, or like I don't deserve any. Why not? I worked so hard to finish all and get my degrees. Because I feel like I didn't learn anything... And last 3 years passed like 3 days and soon I will be 30 years old and what?

Nevermind, it seems like I am really confused and need to take rest. :)

Good post, I really enjoyed it! :)

Well, whatever you do, whatever it is, your mind and body needs good rest. It is for the better!

Thanks and glad you enjoyed it! :)

I should take more breaks. Every month during between May and September I go to the beach here in Victoria, BC with a date or even by myself and watch the Full Moon rise over the ocean horizon. It's so frickin' huge when it first rises over the water. It's so beautiful and peaceful.

Thats fantastic! It's great to know that you do this! :)

U didn't mention about travelling,in my view the best break from daily routine of work is to travel the world it helps u to refresh ur mind and meet people's and can able to know different techniques in way of living.... Again a great post bro :)

Travelling is a wonderful option as well. It truly does refresh the mind! Thank you for your feedback!

Thanks! Glad you liked it! :)

At my last job, I experienced a burnout. Broke like a tightly compressed spring. I understand, that to some extent was to blame yourself. Because it seemed to me, that a little bit more and I will achieve the desired result.

But alas — this did not happen:(

Employers should be made responsible for the stresses they bring to their workforce, in my opinion, i witness daily those constraints and pressure they place on people, and if i was in a position to hire you i would do so without a second thought because i can see that you are driven and self motivated, please in no way blame yourself just go in search of a company that will embrace your strengths and nurture your future and in the meantime big hugs :)

Many, many thanks.I'm touched=)

You said it man! It's about time corporate culture recognises value in human beings over their profit margins!

That's bad!

One must take a good break and rest. I hope I could help you with my post!.

Thank U =))

I tell you what mate everyone needs atleast 16 weeks off a year!

Yeah, one could use a good break!

Yeah...break is very much important, especially after doing such a hardwork for 8 weeks consistently.

You did a commendable work in these 2 months. Break was very much required for a refreshment.

Wishing for new awesome work again. :)


Yep! Thank you, glad you could agree! :)

Looking forward to post some good contents again! :)


That's cool. :)

wow!! nice content and post too. congrats for your vacation of two days, and welcome back too....... keep your work up.
upvoted you.

Thank you so much! :) Glad to be back!


you are welcome ........

i've posted my very first blog.............plzz check

It's good to know that you took a little break from writing. I was wondering why you have not posted anything.

And you did deserve this little break as you have been working so hard recently.

It sure is! Now you know! :D


This is what you call an amazing blog. Awesome writing buddy. I liked it. Nice idea, thanks for sharing. 👍

Yaaaay!!! Thank you so very much! Glad you liked it! :)


"Living a life without an uninterrupted period of break to assess our thoughts and reflect back on our lives can stunt our growth; mental and physical."

This is so very true for me. Following.

Thank you! :)

You really write great stuff. Following and learning from you. Keep up the good work.

Cheers !!!

I agree with taking the time for a break. I took a few days off around July 4th and I felt completely recharged. Additionally, taking the little breaks throughout the day helps too. I have developed a habit of doing some yard work when I take my breaks to get my body moving. I know it sounds like MORE WORK, but not really because I am not thinking deeply...just moving my body and beautifying the earth around me. Siestas have become a part of my daily routine too, lol.

It's good to know more people think alike and live and work in a way that helps improve their life.

Yes we all need those days where we defocus from everything but at the same time focus on one thing..which is yourself. Be present and notice all the little things around you and we'll have a greater appreciation for everything.

Yep! Focus on oneself is good, getting good rest and energy refreshed is absolutely a good thing to do!

Well written article on value of BREAK @firepower..Giant Google uses "energypods" for employees to recharge themselves...

Thanks! :)

Good to know

Yes, you do!

I love and upvote your post please upvote my post

god nothing's better than sleeping in on a saturday morning and eating a delicious brunch.

Yeah! I would prefer it on a Sunday! :)

Yes, you absolutely must!

"In a corporate setting work-addicts are preferred and many managers ensure their subordinates never leave the desk for a break"

You make a great point here. I've found most traditional work environments to be just mind-splittingly annoying for this reason.

Everything from retail workers being told to "stay busy no matter what" to the rigid 9-5 of an office job... none of it serves productivity, it's just making the managers' lives easier so they can collect a paycheck without hassle. Super annoying.

Good points in this post... I try to rest one day per week if possible. Not as energetic as you to do 8 weeks straight!

You are right! That's sad in a way!

I am glad to share this. Hope it helps! :)

Hay @firepower nice Post Like it followed you :)
I always follow your journey whether it is Travel or Other !!
I Wish You Would Also Follow and Upvote My Post @funnystuff
Really I Liked What You Do Every Day
And Always Join - Upvote - Comment and Reesteem
I wish the same
Thank You Sweet

Thank you @funnystuff. Glad you liked it! :)

10 push-ups every hour helps my mind stay focused and my body not atrophy.

That's good to know! Keep it up!

Great post and good advice. I particularly like the part about daydreaming your goals. Some amazing ideas have come to me when I'm sitting around staring into space, or jogging in a peaceful park.

Thank you so much. Glad you liked it! :)

I am sure those ideas are going to be great! Keep dreaming! :)

Sometimes you just gotta sit back and reflect 😀

Yes, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Yeeehh!! I feel you bro!

This is so true and so needed. Thank you for the reminder and the inspiration. If we are going to run well, we must rest well. They work together to prepare us to excel in our lives. Thank you for this post

Thank you. Glad you liked it! :)

Motto to live by. Take more time to regenerate. Thanks ! 🐓🐓

Yes , for sure! We should take good time and regenerate!

This is me regenerating from my other job! 🐓🐓

So happy that you wrote this and double happy that you are working on the "taking a break" thing. It is, after all, very necessary!
Thanks for the mention too! :)

Yes! all thanks to you! ;)

With sane with you the rest is indispensable for the body and mind since if we do not give the necessary rest the activities performed will be of low performance since our body as you say is not a bot and needs to recover both physically and mentally although these times that we live They are intense you have to take your rest to be able to pay the maximum greetings I love your post

Yes, you are absolutely right.

Glad you loved it!

Thanks! :)

Regards my friend

This is a great post! I don't do siestas, but my mother takes a nap every day for 15 mins after lunch. It has worked for her for the past 40 years! Like you, I also work from home, take a tea break every hour and don't remain at my desk for more than 2 hours in a roll. I end my working days with a 40 min. yoga session and read novels, or watch movies or documentaries at night. Fortunately, I can manage to put this routine into practise most of my days! Thank you-up voted! :)

That's good to know. Thank you for the views! :)

Hey Friend!
Really great article. I thought it was so good that I featured it in my "MUST READ" article.
Thanks for all you do for this community. U can read the post here if u like.

Thank you so much for the feature! :)

You deserve it!
Thanks for a good article that can help people and for all you do to support the community.

I like to listen too music to chill down :)
You need to take a break and relax that brain!

That is a good thing! Keep it going! It will help a lot! :)

Beautiful post ! Thank you so much for your effort !!

Upvoted !

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it! :)

Thank you !

you are welcome !

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Woohoo! Thank you!

The point is there are so many things to do everyday...

Indeed! There are so many!

Great post, love it.

Thanks! Glad you love it!

i think that people deprive themselves of break, because most thing that break is an excuse not to work. to me, break is really important and should not be joked with, at least it will help the mind relax

Yeah, you are right. Agreed!

Thanks for this post. Sometimes a gentle reminder to chill and slow down in order to assimilate new info is what I need to hear.

Absolutely! :)

"Infact many of us and the various people in our lives often consider doing nothing as being irresponsible or wasting our time away. " omg this is so true. This is such a big mistake I was practicing for ages untill I realized I was too stressed from literally everything in my life. Great post, thanks !

Yeah, Glad I could share! You Need to take a good break and rest it out! :)


Someone once said that the mind and its thoughts are like a power tool, it should be used when needed and then put away on a shelf until its needed again, how often do we find ourselves constantly overthinking , thoughts about what happened in the past thoughts about the future and its associated worries we sometimes always forget to live in the now.

Good say! I completely agree to it!

Post a good friend, I have upvote postingan.upvote back and follow my posting.maka I will do the same

I fucking love this post. You're absolutely right, most people feel guilty for taking a brake feeling like they could've done something instead of nothing. Well sometimes we need to do nothing in order to do something. We have to LIVE and take a brake off from our work to be happier. "Love your fucking life".

Haha! yeah, you are right. We need to love our life! :)

Agreed. Sabbath. Yoga. Nirvana. Kung Fu Panda. Nap. Find joy / purpose / agape. Find inner peace. Take a break. Give me a break of a Kit Kat Bar. Thanks. . Upvoted. Resteemed.

Totally right!

Here's a Kit Kat for you!

absolutely correct.. we should take a break from this life style and learn to enjoy the life... time time we should take break to relax ourselves.. thanks for the reminder.. great post

Yeah! Glad to share! Thanks! :)

We really need a break!
Good post, thank you!

Yeah, we do!

Thank you! :)

@firepower , work hard play hard :)

very inspirational post .

Work hard, play hard. Very true!

Thank you!

It refreshes and reboots your existence


Great writing @firepower
It is imperative to just relax and do nothing. You need time for yourself even now and then.

Thank you @monajam

You are absolutely right.

By doing nothing from time to time normally reboost yourself and you feel a lot better and more productive when you are back to business!
Great post dear! Enjoyed it and is a great eyes opener!

True that!

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it! :)


You are right. Been occupied all the time reduces our level of focus. By not focusing we tend to lose our effectiveness which will definitely make it difficult to achieve our goals. Taking time off is just like driving to Gas Station to refill our tanks. Good job, I love the write up.

Absolutely right! Thank you for your comment! :)

Nice man, I'm nearing a break myself, desperately needed! Following you from here on out my friend

Thanks! Yes, you should get one too! Go for it!

Indeed. Great :)

Yeahh!! :) Thanks!

AGREE!!! Even God rested on the 7th day!! Great post, thanks!! Thanks for reminding us all to REST!!

Yeah! Glad you could agree!

Get good rest!


Fantastic post @firepower! I very much dislike this culture of constant productivity, and idleness is just 'time wasting'. But I for one need regular breaks of doing nothing, and believe the same is true for everyone, whether they admit it or not!

Yes, you are right. I agree! :)


Yes taking a break will give you the time mentally to let you brain relax and churn out more good info.

nice post

Posting a very high quality, thanks for your share @zuljalalil

Thank you! :) Glad to share.