When Rains Disrupt Normal Life!

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Mangalore is home and it has been so for nearly 25 years of my life. It's probably the best tier 2 city to live in India and I say this having travelled the length and breadth of the country. Well life is largely comfortable here and nothing much ever happens at a brisk pace.

In terms of population we're probably over 700,000 maybe even more now with a ton of immigration that has occurred in the past decade. This has brought it's own challenges but we're chugging along just fine.

We are on the coast with two main seasons: Summer and Rain. Well technically there's also a third winter season but the weather is just as warm as summer most of the time, so it hardly matters.

End of May is traditionally the onset of the rainy season. By June-July the rains are generally at their peak. Growing up it was nearly impossible to head out in the rains owing to their sheer intensity but we did it anyway. Schools and colleges would shut down intermittently. City was clean and all the water drained into the sea. With rampant concretisation, not so much anymore.

Mangalore in the rains! I guess I took this picture near the airport some years ago.

Mangalorean generally love rains. We look forward to it when the season changes and pray it doesn't get too harsh when it finally arrives. After all, this region receives the second highest rainfall (maybe it still does) in the country. Second only to Mawsynram which receives the highest rainfall in India.

Rains are the only respite to the heat here. Living in a coast city means that we get amazing seafood before and after the rains. The Arabian sea gets gets dangerous for fishing during the rains. But on the coastline some surfers take it to the sea when there's no downpour.

The biggest challenge that local authorities have is to maintain electricity supply around these times. In the nearly 3 decades spent living here, things haven't really changed much. Moment there's a hint of rainfall the local electricity board cuts the supply and then it's a dark night.

Last night it rained and they cut the power till evening today. My power back up in the house ran out of charge and so were all of my devices. It's 2018 and yet it seems like the early 90s when we had massive power cuts. Not a lot has changed in terms of the way power is supplied to the houses. I suppose this is an area that needs further innovation.

Ofcourse, the power is cut due to the high voltage in transformers and to avoid any short circuits etc. But, in nearly 30 years is there seems to be no real improvements in the technology to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity during rains. Atleast not in the area I live.

As a tropical country it's understandable if there's disruptions due to trees falling over and what not but sometime there's a drizzle lasting 10 minutes and a power cut that lasts 5-8 hours. That's not really acceptable now is it?

All this in addition to the weekly powercut we have here. Unscheduled power cuts like this makes it hard to work out of a place like Mangalore. But this is quite common across the country. Atleast in smaller cities like Mangalore.

Cities like Mumbai are an exception in India where there's power supply 24/7.

Mangalore is generally a peaceful place to live but it's not the easiest to work out of if you are a digital-nomad so to speak who needs uninterrupted internet connection.

So, over the last 16-18 hrs I ran out of juice on the inverter which meant no internet, no charge on the phone, mac or my internet dongle. My fixed line internet stopped working as soon as they cut the power. There was no internet at my internet provider's local hub to keep our internet functioning.

Everything ran out of charge as I wasn't expecting the rain or the powercut. Inverter was already under full load and there was no way to charge my devices anymore. I wouldn't mind a Tesla powerwall at the point but I'm not a whale. So I'll just leave this thought here for the day I become one!

Well, It was a good break but it messed up my timeline for work. So, basically I'm spending my Saturday evening working. But thankfully, being self-employed means I can chill on a Monday morning.

Atleast, on the bright side there's no real danger of flooding or anything due to the rain and my home is intact. So, I guess life's pretty good all things considered.

What about you? Do you face similar issues in your cities? What strange things happen during seasonal changes in your town?

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Just makes you appreciate the sunshine that much more doesn't it :)

rain is enjoyable,,,but excessive rain is disturbing>>

today at my home in punjab 43 celsius temperature too hot

i'm lucky because in kolkata we get constant electric supply all over the year by CESC.
superb maintenance and 24*365 days supply.

Well I haven't faced such issues here in Bangalore yet (bcz there's power backup in office and society). But I've encountered problems due to rain in Mangalore itself! 😅

We were there for 3 days and it rained everyday! That too unexpectedly. It totally messed up all our plans. The weather there is so unpredictable. In the morning it would be hot and so humid. Then by the time we would reach the beach, it would start raining, forcing us to hide in the shacks there and wait for it to stop. And the rain disappears just as suddenly as it arrives 😀

Undoubtedly, power interruptions, or rains are a problem, here in Cumana, Venezuela, power interruptions is almost every two hours, and you also have to add the speed of the internet is very slow, so it is very difficult , but good, it is done with pleasure what you love to do.

Here in Zagreb, Croatia rain is often appearing in the summer... So now. It literally goes form super hot weather to rain storm in a couple of minutes. Fortunately, we don't have power cut problems, but going out in a tank top without an umbrella can really mess up your day :D

I wouldn't mind a Tesla powerwall at the point but I'm not a whale. So I'll just leave this thought here for the day I become one!

Remember us when you get there haha :)

The power cut problem due to fall trees. Very sad. Anyone can be disturbed by this problem.

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In Bangalore, once in a while heavy rain can damage the power supply for hours altogether. Luckily our apartment offers power back up so we really don't have to worry about power failures.

I am so happy you have no real damage to your side with the rain. That is a big positive to take from it, even though it messed up with your work schedule.

Right here too, the same thing happen. Once the rain is about to start and it gets dark, they wouldn't even wait for the rain to drop, they will take it off, and you might be lucky to get it back immediately after the rain stops or after the cables are dry 😂😂😂😂😂. Hahaha.

It is so annoying because the moment rain starts, people are restricted to a place, and instead of engaging oneself with available power supply, to pass away the rain, they take the light. If you have work to do and it is not dark, then sleep wouldn't be the last resort. It is so annoying.

I think most of us that experience this have our power line or cables up, so anytime it rains, they avoid it touching each other to avoid sparks. This has been known since and steps should have been taken to address it. Having an underground wiring or cables might be a welcome relief.

With rain or no rain, our light usage has never been regular. In a day, light might be off for more than 8 hours naturally, even without rain. It is heart breaking. I can relate to your story a bit more.

Yeah Shimoga is also a Malnad district after 3 years we are getting heavy rainfall here in this summer 😍

we rather should be happy that there's no heat bugging and cool breeze to spend that evening.
Its 45 degrees here in Delhi and I can give power supply for that fresh breeze in Mangalore. On other hand if rains are this common than the system should have improved themselves to an extent that these don't effect the daily life. In cities with so much rain the govt has set up wirings in footpaths so they stay unaffected with trees falling/ heavy breeze. Hope things improve soon.

rainy season already started here in Assam. Though we love rain to get relief from hot and humid weather of Assam but sometime it creates inconvenience like power cut.

Oh the power cuts - blessed and cursed at the same time. I sometimes think that they are the only thing that make me plug out of the matrix completely.

We do get torrential rains here in Singapore. They can last from 0.5 hour to 8 hours. Occasionally, there are flash floods. Our politicians prefer to refer to them as 'ponding incidents'. These flooding incidents make them look bad, because it appears that they did not anticipate the issue of flooding and take adequate preventive measures.

We have not had power outages for decades. It is almost unheard of.

We love the occasional rains. It cools the city down and keeps our greenery green. We need the rain to fill our reservoirs so that we have water for our daily lives and have to rely less on desalination and processed water.

I prefer sunny days; but I have several friends who just love rainy days that get them into a nice funky mood.

You are living in Mangalore and the place is beautiful. Environment is amazing. I am glad to know that.

I think it's best needed here in Nigeria, where we suffer for electricity

Really, we have been experiencing many govts rules but all are very good in the time of elections.After achiving the power ,why they care about the masses,and their needs.Yes dear,we have also experiencing rain in these day in Assam.Regular power shortage is one of the real characters of our state too.Enjoy your summar .

Here in Kolkata city 24/7 electric supply

Just makes you appreciate the sunshine that much more doesn't it :)

I think it's worse in my country Nigeria. Once the breeze blows, the Power holder cease the electricity. Most times I expect constant light during rainfall period because the electricity supply here is mostly powered by dams which are meant to be filled up during this season. The only thing I seem to enjoy during rainy season is loads of fresh vegetables and fresh sea foods.

I just look forward to seeing the day my country will boast of 1 year uninterrupted power supply. The prevalence of generator has made every body pay deaf ears to the poor power supply.

Rains are the beautiful silver droplets which are really
very enjoyable for me but sometimes continues rains also disturbs many peoples as well as their works.
Sir could you remember me.

In Bangalore, once in a while heavy rain can damage the power supply for hours altogether. Luckily our apartment offers power back up so we really don't have to worry about power failures.

I enjoy it very much. It refreshes my mind.

yeah thats really true. even i like rainfall alot but when it puts a halt to normal life then its not much liked.

yeah thats really true. even i like rainfall alot but when it puts a halt to normal life then its not much liked.

The worst part about rain in India is the damn mosquitoes!! Not to mention how they disturb you in your precious sleep and that god-awful sound they make. Annoying AF!