My First Crypto Paycheck

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As some of my followers may know, I write for the Ethereum start up ETHLend. I started out blogging about cryptocurrency on the weekends because it is a fascinating subject and there is always something to write about. I felt the best way to learn about the subject was to try and explain it to non-technical readers. Often, the hardest people to convince of this tech are non-technical readers. The technical readers have either investigated the tech themselves and have made up their minds how they feel about it, or, if they haven't, they aren't going to come to my blog for their information, at least not initially. For this reason, a majority of my posts are geared toward non-technical readers (with a few exceptions 1, 2, 3, 4). This was mostly a weekend hobby, but when I heard ETHLend was looking for technical writers to write about the development they were doing I jumped at the chance to get paid for a weekend hobby. I quickly got in touch with Jordan, and we started the discussions with Stani on the ETHLend slack channel.

My "Job"

The majority of my duties involve explaining the breakneck development that the ETHLend dev team is doing in as simple terms as possible, as well as positing thought experiments with regard to where this tech could possibly lead and implementing these ideas in experimental code. This has been an absolutely blast, and has allowed me to approach the decentralized ecosystem from the perspective of a lending platform. It's one thing to read about a Solidity library and follow someone else's tutorial, it's another to actually explore it through concrete use.


One of the most fascinating aspects of working with an Ethereum start up that was pre-ICO, was I got a bit of insight into the world of ICOs that I otherwise wouldn't have. During my negotiation with Stani before I started writing for ETHLend, we agreed that payment would happen completely in LEND. Since these tokens were pre-ICO, they hadn't hit any of the exchanges and had no valuation. To put this into perspective, 1K LEND is equal to $150 now, but at the time of negotiation, neither Stani nor I had any idea what these tokens would actually be worth. The ultimate skin in the game.


As crazy as it may sound to some, this is one of, if not the largest, motivators for me to accept the position. I felt I was following the footsteps of many in the crypto community who came before me, like Vitalik Buterin and Andreas Antonopoulos. The legend of being paid in crypto appealed to me.

I also find it fascinating that a protocol can create their own currency which it can use to pay it's members and sustain itself. This is one of the most important disruptive aspects of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency will be around for a long time because of the fact that an entire digital economy can be built from software. This gives software engineers an avenue to monetize open source projects. Which incentivizes more developers to go the open source route, driving the creation of more digital micro-economies.

It's also ruthlessly free market. If the market decides this token (and therefore the protocol, or software backing it) is useless, then the project dies. This is why my excitement at being paid completely in crypto may seem foreign to some, as there is obviously a large amount of risk involved. An agreement to be paid 100 LEND per word can just as easily be worth $100 as it can $.01 after the ICO.

Thank You

I've recently received my first payment of LEND tokens for my writings, and for that, I am extremely grateful to the ETHLend team for all of the hard work they've put behind the project and give the tokens value to the decentralized community. I'm grateful at the opportunity to join the ranks of writers to be paid fully in cryptocurrency. I'm also grateful to be a part of this new version of the decentralized economy. Finally, I'm grateful to everyone who's read any of my material, argued with me, debated me, and most importantly asked questions. Here's to another year of cryptocurrency!



ethlend is off to a great start. I think it hit 20 cents.

yup! hopefully it keeps going up! great team, really scrappy.

Happy year to you all ...STEEMIT and you My girlfriend


Its hard to get into making money here

For sure. Just got a lot easier with the increase in the steem price though!

I had to repay the great postings you have given me. If you only knew how valuable your words of encouragement are. Can't thank you enough. Interesting post. I hope your payment goes up in value. Take care.

Thanks! glad to hear that @beamer

Congratulations on your success in crypto! You are an inspiration to many here on steemit. I hope you are able to bring in the big bucks this new year. Live the dream in 2018. I am very excited about all of the new technology and opportunity that is right in front of us. Thank you for helping keep your readers on the cutting edge of technological advances.

Ah thank you very much! Excited to see what 2018 brings for crypto for sure!

five34a4b, Thanks for being such a great inspirational writer. One of my goals in 2018 is to diversify my crypto holdings. So I am following you with buying some LEND!!!! Upvoted and Resteemed....

nice! glad to hear that! and thanks for the kind words @traderdad!

Ok I was just asking you on my post what you been up to . now I know . that’s great man

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nice job just learned of you working on this project..interesting

Thanks for reading!

I AGREE! GRATEFUL, what a perfect word you choose regarding the development of this new economy. There are so many things people are unaware of, the curtains are being pulled back with crypto, and the lie is being revealed. Wait until people really start to REALIZE how badly they have been stolen from lol. SLAVES. Now we are waking up, interesting times. Thanks again for your comment on my blog, it felt sincere, and so does your writing here on your blog.

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I remember my first crypto paycheck. 1.5 BTC. Worth quite a bit less than now, but it happened to go on a roll shortly after I got paid. Now I have a nice TV, etc. that I couldn't have afforded otherwise.

It really feels odd when the currency goes up doesn't it? almost feels too good to be true

woooow this is very good post!!

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Wow very informative post.

Very nice article . it's very informative for me. thank you for this post my friend.

2018 is going to be huge for the crypto world !

very big in either direction I think.

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Facinating. A position paid Crypto. For me, it is hard to think of ideas to write about on Steemit sometimes. It must be difficult to come up with topics to write contracts for, isn't it?

Sometimes ideas just flow for my website (that I won't mention here because it would be considered spam) and writing about what features are supposed to do is easy. I don't know why people often skip the documentation part!

I don't think so, there is a lot going on in this space, and a lot people don't understand, so I always have a topic to write about.

This is a very informative post

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awesome post, resteemed

ah, thank you!

Congratulations buddy
Hope you keep growing more
Best of luck

Great to read some inside perspective from the LEND team Jackson! :)
LEND was actually my first tip off into the crypto world a few weeks ago, and its already doubled its value thanks to the awesome work of yourself and your team getting the word out there and making the product actually WORK! :D

I have been drawn into this world for the past 3 weeks, and am hooked on researching and writing about it as well. Looking forward to reading more of your posts and enjoying the blockchain fuelled year of revolution! Yeehaa!

Thanks again, Mark

Yeah, I think that's why the token went up in value, ETHLend is one of the few who have an actual working platform you can use the tokens on.

Yeah, I've been the same way! You as well! thanks for reading!

Good posts are very useful

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Happy year to you all ...STEEMIT

Very interesting read.
I hope to someday be paid in crypto too :)

I definitely didn't plan it, just kind of fell into my lap from writing about it all of the time.

The world is going digital, and now is the time to start checking out the crypto currency market. It doesn't hurt to be ahead of the game.

awesome article

thanks for reading!

I recently bought some LEND to diversify my portfolio even more. Hoping that the price will rise for both of us!

The saying goes no risk, no reward, and what you're doing exemplifies that perfectly.

Awesome glad to hear that!

wow your post is fantastic

welcome dear

happy new year... great post my friend!

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This is a very interesting post, @five34a4b. These blockchains are actually new, and it would be good if you could cover the regulation prospects by governments.

I'm actually a software engineer, so the majority of my knowledge is with respect to the tech of blockchains, I don't know much about regulation, and I'm not terribly interested in it to be honest.

Thanks for reading!

Nice read... Congrats!

Not bad, lend me some o dat :>

Are you on the platform? send me your loan address and I'll fund it!


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I started a post about how to withdraw steem. Can you help me out with this question?

You saw my response on twitter right?

WOW! Congratulations on your first paycheck! yay