How to live healthy and long life.

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It is necessary to adopt various approaches to get healthy and long lasting life. There are very simple four steps. Let's find out the ways how to live healthy and long life:

1. Stop taking processed foods: Processed foods contain more sugar, salt and fat which have less fiber / fiber. Processed food leads to increased risk of heart attack, hypertension, diabetes. So eat vegetables, fruits . Exclude processed foods from your food list, exclude smoking habits, and drink plenty of water.

2. Discard negative thoughts: Negative thoughts can destroy your inner strength and increases your stress level. This leads to anger, frustration, depression and anxiety, and increased eating habits. So avoid negative tendency and be positive. Determine the goals of your life and work accordingly. It will reduce your stress and make you live longer.

3. Make a habit of exercise: A current study found that through exercise it could be possible to reduce the long-term illnesses such as cancer and obesity. Exercise 30 minutes a day will increase your life expectancy. In 2011, the research paper published in The Lancet e has found that the life expectancy of those who have 15 minutes of exercise a day has increased by 3 years and those exercising 30 minutes a day, their life span has increased 4 years. This study was done with 416,000 women and men in Taiwan.

4. Sleep 7-8 hrs daily: Do not be stupid about sleeping. To stay healthy for 7-8 hours of sleep every day. In 2007, a research paper published in the Journal of Sleep Reports showed that sleep reduction increases influence of mortality rates. Regular sleep loss can lead to serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Stress, Depression and Heart Disease will be less when you sleep regularly.

There is no big change. Change the way you live with small changes. Do not think that you will not have to make any effort to get a healthy and long life, because your father or grandfather may have lived for a long time.