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RE: This Will make you feel fantastic, if you try!

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This is amazing and the last two weeks I have been pushing to get up earlier. We have stopped coffee, and I have been eating lighter at dinner. This has left me pretty ready for bed, but I seem to pop right up in the morning.


Good to hear! But, Daamn you stopped coffee? I couldn't do that, or maybe I could I dunno. Sometimes I replace it with tea. But it's always nice to have that little bit extra :p

Yeah! Now I drink a cup of really warm water with honey. I made the switch after lustening to a spiritual teacher speaking about how foods effect us and how most if us are being controlled by a little cup of liquid haha

Would love to read some of your experience with switching from coffee to water and honey and the reasons behind that!

I’m a coffe dependant, I drink about a jar per day, which I’m aware it’s not healthy, but as I don’t have lunch, I fill myself with coffee during the day until dinner.

I know I know, I’m doing it all wrong, but trying to turn it around.

There is no right or wrong, there is only perspective 🙃. I switched to warm honey , not hot, water because of the nutritional density of the honey and the benefits to our body. It has been two weeks now and I have noticed alot. I am not as jittery. I am able to relax. I am not as tense and my muscles are relaxing. I am able to ease into bed at night quicker. I haven't had heart burn either. So far, so good!

I'll definitely give it a try! Thanks for your feedback, take care!