5 Unconventional and Amazing Reasons You Should Eat More Fruit ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ‰๐ŸŠ

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Sensual and sexyย 

  • Fruit is beautiful, It's alluring, It's teasing us with its vibrant colors. Fruit has the secret key attributes of the essence of sex-appeal. And it's not only the looks that are satisfying. Have ever bitten into a ripe, juicy mango? It's sweet, exciting and delightfully natural, not altered, just perfect as it is. Fruit is definitely the sexiest food there is. And as long as you pick wisely, you'll get your bucks worth too.ย 

Peaceful and symbiotic

  • Fruit is the only food that is given to us freely by a plant and doesn't create any harm to the environment, animals or plants. Animals (we included) has a symbiotic relationship with fruits, we receive nutrition and the fruit is being helped to spread its seeds.ย 

Naturally Whole and Complete

  • Fruit tastes whole and complete without any additions to it, no salt, no spices, flavor enhancers, oils, or other foods are needed to enjoy a fruit. All fruits can be eaten by themselves as they are a complete meal on their own!ย 
"Watermelon - Itโ€™s a good fruit. You eat, you drink, you wash your face." - Enrico Caruso.ย 

Refreshing and practicalย 

  • If that isn't enough, fruit hydrates you as nothing else; instead of micromanaging your water intake - just eat more fruit and your hydration levels will get better and be more stable throughout the day as most fruits are above 80 percent water. After eating a meal of papayas or mangoes, there's no need to think about water before your next meal.ย 

Natures Fast Food

  • Fruit is the only healthy fast food, grab some bananas, an apple or eat some golden mangoes naked by the river. There's no packaging, not twenty alien ingredients - only one, and inside of that one, is everything you need to live a healthy and ethical friendly lifestyle. Fruit is simple, and simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ย 

Check out my blog here on steemit for more fruity content.ย 

I hope you enjoyed my reasons to eat more fruit, have a great day onwards!ย 

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You can be happier and healthier by eating your fruit and vegetables. ... actually quite a few reasons why we should cut back on the amount of meat we consume and ...

I want to eat mangoes naked by the river! I am doing a 3-5 juice cleanse starting tomorrow. What are your favorites fruits for juicing?

Nothing beats orange or pineapple juice in season. Apples are always good too, and grapes can be amazing if you get some sweet ones. If you want to try something a little bit different try juicing watermelon and a little bit of mint leaves - its awesome!

My mouth literally started watering at the thought of fresh pineapple juice...not kidding. I've never considered grapes, could do that...but unfortunately I am violently opposed to all forms of melon ๐Ÿ˜‚ I've just never liked it. Thanks. It's kinda exciting!

Pineapple is the bomb, make sure to smell them out and pick one that smells sweet and look fresh. You can also experiment with celery added to the juice as well, it's a great combo.

There are so many more unconventional benefits I can think of as well. A conventional benefit is the leading dietary risk is not consuming atleast five servings of fruit a day. I opt for far more than that.

The benefits are endless, and the more fruit the better it gets!

i need more fruits!!!! this post is making me grab an apple certainly not as sexy as the fruits pictured here! its called passion fruit for a reason ;)

Beautiful post :) I love fruit and should really eat more of it. It's hard though to get fruit that has ripened on their own. Most are picked way to early and ripen on the way over here so there is not so much nutrition in them.

Very true, its all about picking out the rare good stuff, where do you live?

Sweden, so it's kind of just apples that grows local here :D

Awesome, I'm your Norwegian Neighbour, go apples!

Haha yeah I read somewhere that you were from Norway :). I almost never eat apples though, it's mostly veggies in my home. Whenever I'm in a warmer country I indulge in fresh fruit :D

After what you say, you have convinced me to eat more fruits. I see a lot of inspiration and passion for fruits. I almost every day like banana. But I also like strawberries, papaya, plum and pineapple. I definitely must eat more fruits! Is it healthy to eat fruits at dinner?

Personally, I think the more fruit the better! Fruit for. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is my preference :)


I'm newly raw and never would've expected that I would some day appreciate fruit the way that I am now. Delicious, healthy and cruelty free! Love it.

Yes, I experience the same thing, my fruitlove only expands :):)

Hey, just wanted to let you know I gave you an upvote because I appreciate your content! =D See you around

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