Great job! Good luck and have fuuun ❤️

A great team joined and representing the Blockchain in Croatia! and by the way Blessings follows you Guys!
Look at this..


Love the Photo lights...

Cheers for you all!

OH MY GOSHHHHHH!!!!!! you all gotta meet! So aweeeesome! ❤️🐒

Great to see you all together and Raul safe and sound.

Shame about the grammar on the shirts, though.

Actually this was done on purpose to attract people attention and read our t-shirt multiple times to be sure they remember Fundition :)

The Team of Heart :)

Greetings great team of heart!

@fundition is a community of help people steemian

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up me please

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haha nice!

Nice pic 👏👏👏

Dream Team 🍀

Our heart is much bigger than world!
I like that, very wise words.
Amazing team @fundition👍

Kudos guys :D

I must say its quite evident from the expressions on your faces !!! Whoever has a great heart will have a sign that is visible to all.

Very nice remembrance... cool shirt promo too, @fundition team. Loved it!

it was great with you guys to chill and get to know another in croatia! lovely time and great company we were all together, you guys rock for sure! c'était un honneur de vous rencontrer :D

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