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In spite of the pandemic, you will find that there still are protests all over the world, even though of course of less magnitude than before the pandemic, except in Bielorrussia where every weekend they hold protest with over 100,000 people attending. I know that these numbers cannot be verified but looking at the pictures you can see they are huge crowds. But I have to agree the pandemic has decreased the number of people on the streets protesting.

But what amazes me of these protests is the hypocrisy of people, they agree with the protests in some places but disagree with them in others the exception again being Bielorrussia where it seems only the Russian government backs the incumbent, who in reality s nothing more than a dictator. But just look at it, protests in Venezuela and Hong Kong and for example the US says they are made by freedom fighters, but protests in France and the US are just people who are out to cause chaos, anarchists left wing radicals etc.

And I specifically say the US because they are the ones who hurt us in Honduras, they back an obviously illegitimate dictator just because he will back anything the US does, recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital? Check. Back any attempt to throw out Venezuela's government? Check. and there are a lot of these checks. If it wasn't for the US's backing this guy would have been out of here a long time ago, so yes I do have something to say about this.

What really gets me is all of these police forces in different countries moving against the people in favor of a government very few people want, I think the police and armed forces should be checked for corruption, probably they get favors and big ones at that from this unwanted governments. It seems these people do not realize that their pay really comes from the taxes the people they beat up pay. Here I have heard the pretext that very few people pay income tax and these are the only ones who can demand anything. This of course is not true, nobody escapes taxes, as long as you eat you pay taxes and any other activity you make you find you will pay some tax.

I for my part will always be with the protesters, I don't really care whether they are right or wrong but they are the voice of the people and that voice is what matters. Governments are run by con men, men who will stop at nothing for money and power. It is always the excuse that protesters are destroying buildings and infrastructure, but at least here we have found that the people out to cause destruction are really paid by the government and the US is behind this. A couple of years ago the entrance to the US Embassy was filled with tires and these were set on fire. Amazing that the US Embassy always guarded by security agencies, police, army and even US marines was that day without a single guard.