Spare Time

in #life2 months ago


I believe everyone has some spare time in their hands (personally I have more than I want) and sometimes it is necessary to have a pastime or a hobby to use up this spare time. Some people are into sports or exercising or bodybuilding anything that has to do with improving their bodies, or maybe something easier like stamp collecting, coin collecting or things like that, even though I think that collecting things is not quite as popular among young people now, at least not things like stamps or coins, come to think of it I don't get to see many stamps now, e mail has the post office nearly broke.

I personally have enjoyed a number of hobbies and pastimes, I started out collecting, yes, stamps and coins and as a pastime playing football. As I grew up my passion for stamps and coins dwindled and I just quit even though I still do have a part of my collections the other parts I gave away or lost. Football I stopped playing because of a meniscus tear that just stopped that activity for me. So I started looking for other things to do, I took up short wave listening, you know listening to far away radio stations on shortwave, I became passionate about this but that was also killed by the internet, there is just no sense in listening to a radio station's weak shortwave signal when I can get perfect audio of the same transmission online.

So I resorted to drinking, now that took up most of my spare time and most of my money, but even that had to be stopped because it was just too much for my body I actually ran out I just couldn't take it any more, so I quit fifteen years ago. Now that left me with a lot of time on my hands especially after I quit my job, nowadays my pastimes are looking for anything on the internet, reading and walking. These activities take up most of my day, sometimes I manage to watch a football game.

So what do you do with your spare time?