The 'Secrets of My Beauty' # 4

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Hi my dear Friends.... Today let's talk again about these beauty' tips!...

So here I am today with a cool and quick way to keep our skin smooth, healthy and cool with this one minute' remedy, which can work wonders for all skin types!!.


Yes, Friends.... It's Rose water!

It is always good to apply a little rose water on our face, neck and also for our hands (exposed portion), which really acts as a good skin toner!. We can try this daily after taking our bath or after a face wash with warm water, twice a day... 😀. This helps us to keep our skin cool. It is a good treatment for both hot summers as well as in cold winters. We can even use a cotton wool dipped in rose water for applying this. Though it looks so simple, it can work wonders if done daily!. Instead of using expensive perfumes, we can also smear a little bit of this rose water on our neck or wrist just to get a good and mild natural scent all day long....

But always keep in mind to buy this rose water made from a good company.


I always love ayurvedic products.

Will come again with some more cool tips soon...

Take care guys, love you lots, @geetharao...


Rose water is also good skin tonner ,which makes your skin fresh and beautiful and fair.Great tips dear friend,lots of love to you

Love to you and your family too, my dear @maya7...

Nice tips.

Great !!!

This question from my mom,
Can we apply rose water when we have irritations(itching) on skin i mean on any part of the body with the help of cotton??? Plz do reply !!
Thank you so much!! :):):):)

I never got any type of irritations after applying rose water. But if there is already irritation in any part of the body, then it is better to consult a dermatologist first to know why that irritation is, and then to proceed with the advice they give.

Guys/girls both can use it because, rose water is just rose + water till you don’t have any kind of allergies so you can use it!

Thank you

Basically, my mom using rose water for so many years it's really good for skin some years ago her skin used to look oily dull and also have skin irritation problem but now m free from skin problems That's why, she love dabur gulabari rose water.

Woww i also apply rose water on face its really good for skin thank you for sharing 😊


Is this specifically for women? if this can be for men, I want to try it, so it gets younger.😄

Hi @cetmee... First of all, thank you so much for reading my blog. And according to me, there is nothing wrong and men too can use it, because after all it's rose water and it contains all the good and cool properties of rose!
So if you want to have a glowing healthy skin, and if it is not allergic to your skin, you can use it... :)

I really like reading your article @geetharao, thank you for the time.

I really like reading your article @geetharao, thank you for the time.

Gulab jal is best for cleansing face. Good presentation

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