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Hi Steemians,

Thanks to Crypt0 we have been informed that there is a scam e-mail being sent out to coinbase users pretending that it's from the official coinbase website and they ask you to click a link to import your private keys. Please be careful and look at the address.

Below is a short video on how Crypt0 is showing us more details about it:

Thank you for stopping by and be careful out there
Best regards,



There are a lot of scams going by, we should create an awareness drive so that people will not be trapped in these dirty games, thanks for sharing such valuable information, keep updating us regarding such scams.

Thanks so mch. lets spread this faster!

scarmers are everywhere we need to be alert.Coinbase like what everyone said are known for freezing the users account and one of the reason is they dont entertain the users to use the coinbase account for gambling or any illegal activites, if they found that their are many transaction and if they doubt of you are doing any gambling activity or illegal work, then they will ban the user account and when you give full details they will open the account if found genuine.

Scams everywhere in the crypto world. We need to stay vigilant about this.

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