Program your self to be happy and enjoy life

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Perhaps this is one of those questions to which you can hardly hear two identical answers, because for everyone happiness is individual. What is hidden for different people under this ephemeral concept? And how different are people's ideas about happiness?

In any case, everyone agrees that happiness is a purely personal feeling that can only arise “inside” a person. However, there are several universal tips, following which, it is easier for people to find their own - unique - happiness.


Learn to change your perspective on any situation and find positive meaning in it. Optimism is a great driving force in life. It is so easy, having failed, to give up and expect only the worst from life in order to avoid disappointment.

But you need to find the strength and look at the unpleasant situation from the other side, take some useful lessons from it, find positive moments even in the most difficult test, and then just “let go” of the trouble and meet new events with a smile. They will definitely delight you!

Go in for sports and change your diet. This advice, it would seem, does not apply in any way to our topic, but if you recall biology lessons, it turns out that physical activity directly affects the production of endorphins.

Researchers claim that an hour's workout increases the level of "happiness hormones" in the body by 7-10 times. And proper nutrition, combined with exercise, forms a healthy body filled with energy and beauty - what is not a reason to love yourself?

Find happiness in every moment of your life. What prevents you from finding a small piece of the mosaic of happiness in the ray of the sun peeping out through the clouds, in the smile of a pleasant stranger passing by, or in your favorite song playing through your headphones?

That's right, nothing! But from these small "fragments" of joy, you can make up a whole picture of a large, lasting feeling of harmony with the world and yourself. Enjoying life every day is an art, but it can be mastered like any other.

Change the way you think about yourself. Don't feel bad about yourself. Never. Praise yourself more often, rejoice in your small and big successes, compliment yourself. You will soon see how effective this technique is.

Many coaches ask their clients to write down five activities each day that are most successful or enjoyable of the day. Over time, personally observing the result of their activities, people begin to believe in themselves more and strive for new achievements.

Set yourself a new goal in life. Think about where you are going lately. Did you dream about this in childhood, in your youth, two years ago? Are you lowering the bar on your goals? Let's say last year you set yourself the task of learning Spanish and going on a trip to Argentina, and then you decided that it was impossible and save up for a vacation in Turkey.


There are practically no unattainable goals, according to leading experts in motivation. If you set a high target bar for yourself and do not deviate from what you have planned, then you will not only achieve what you want, but along the way, complete a lot of useful and interesting tasks and begin to believe in yourself much more than before.

But do not put your goal above everything else in the world, do not assume that in order to achieve it, you can step over ethical principles. As a rule, this path does not bring joy.


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