What I did with my wife on the dining room table...

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Living in an apartment limits the challenge and creativeness of having outdoor hobbies.  The things that I was once used to doing, like building furniture and creating big projects, has to be put on hold for now with the limited space I have at the moment.  In an effort to scratch my itchy hands, I needed to think of new things to do...

...right there on the dining room table!!!

Image source

I'm not an artist, but I knew it had to be "arty" so, being my curious self, I started burning images onto wood to see what it would look like.  After seeing that my plan was going to work, I made my first piece of "art", which was a huge success... 

The giraffe

The second one, not as good as the first one though, still need some work.  I made this Lion:

It is a really nice pass-time, especially during summer times in the UAE.  I also made the frames from wooden pallets. It took me some time to burn them with a small burner but it was all worth the time and effort.

Drawing the pictures on the wood before burning it, takes time and is not that easy because of the size.

Luckily I had some help from my wife, @bdmomuae 

We both liked the idea and we liked spending some time creating these artwork together. 

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