Daily Dreams Truths –The Water Dream

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Welcome to daily dreams. Each dream has a meaning. Learn to remember your dreams!

Water is essential in our lives, taking 8+ glasses of water has been proven to be a healthy habit; thought it appears normal to drink water, thirst can dehydrate you very fast leading to opportunistic ailments and slowed metabolism.

Wild animals and plants cannot survive without water and even the camel can confess to it. Water is a natural resource that we tend to take for granted.

 However, it is very common to have dreams with water aspect in it. This could mean many things but if you are not a person who interacts with the liquid daily you need to know what water dream is all about.

Meaning of Water Dream

If you can learn to remember your dreams vividly, water associated dreams mean you are overwhelmed with life and those close to you are not supportive enough. This is more so when those you love appear not to appreciate who you are. Water represents that drifting away from loved ones just like how water ebbs away from the seashore

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