Yes I can! Taking charge of getting better. NOW!

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@weirdheadaches and @azurejasper, independent of each-other, have encouraged me towards this guys techniques to get better.

Im always dubious of any fad.

But it looks to be about meditation, breathing and positivity.

I don't really think there is anything to risk with trying?

I'm sick and tired of going to doctors who cant help me.

I'm sick of listening to myself.

Yesterday was another devastating, disappointing, waste of time, energy, and money.

Most of all it depletes hope.

and a repeat of the phrase's not my area.


I am very sick and have a great deal of pain, that is the truth. My life has become almost nothing. I can hardly type most of the time, and have small windows of function.

Oh well, those windows are where I must begin.

Today going to a new rehabilitation physio.

To learn how to start to get moving and help my self.

Not so long ago I ran a 300 kilo-meter race.

I Know I will get up again!!!


Images curtesy of pixabay. Video from Wim Hoff the iceman.

Encouragement and meaningful comments are so very welcome, I am grateful for the support, times are tough right now and they have to change.


"...those windows are where I must begin."

Getting started is often the hardest. Sending you positive vibes and hoping those windows lead to more bigger windows and doors into wellness again. ✌

oh sweet friend, I am crying . I don't feel like I have any correct or useful words. it is moving to me to hear your courage, just give yourself a lot lot lot of credit for the ability to keep coming back to that spark . Find any moments of joy you have and live there and milk them . i honestly believe that their is an answer for everything <3


Strength, @girlbeforemirror! You are a warrior I breathe healing energies in you ... Go ahead !!!

Just really keep coming back to this. I think this is wonderful for you. I really resonate w the frustration and gloom. Im learning so much by having to deal w pain, and really wtf are you gonna do? The way i see it is just giving our best and doing whatever we can think of to help. Allowing the pain to flow through you. To not buy into the sob stories. To not dwell in the past and to press on even if that means pain and death. Like arent we already doing that. Sometimes we may be overtaken w pain and mind attacks but we just need to let that flow through us as well. Im finding practical value from adding some humor w positive beliefs attitudes and empowerment. Also the wim hof can be demenstrated in labs to be very powerful. I have experienced it myself but havent touched the full extent what is possible w his methods. Follow your joy and practically manage the pain as best as possible, while also allowing the fuck this shit attitude to flow through you. Healing is possible and even if thats not our fate at least we can dance to the best of our abilities. Im finding much joy in the present moment and also lil things like a butterfly flying :). Anything is possible. Just sharing a few thoughts and majorly cheering you on. X

I met with several doctors trying to address undividual things. Things that come under the umbrella of EDS are diverse. This past 2 weeks I've seen endocrine, renal, pain doctor, gp, gastro, obgyn,... When they hear connective tissue disorder and a hx of illness they stop listening to specifics and say it's not my area.
I don't know what to do? I either am awarded a treatment for my issues or I should be allowed dignified pain management / control. It is 230 am and I'm done sleeping and so sore. Perhaps from the short distance I went to meet the physiologist and just chatted lol. He is going to help develop some strength to be up right a bit more, introduce some clinical palates...
I need to recondition my muscles to do the job of my faulty ligaments and tendons. My dislocations have gotten worse because my muscles wasted doing nothing. My cspine, thorax, ribs, pelvis, shoulders, knees , right thumb just won't stay in. The pressure on my spinal column has me inclined to lie down, but it only relieves for a while. I can't fucking do this jon. It's my son's birthday. The child care gave him a party yesterday, because I can't fucking do it.
So it's time to try anything.
I listened to Eric Thomas yesterday after you dropped that link.
I'm listening to this now instead of the humm of my own head in the dark while the rest of the fucking apartment block sleeps and I wait for my child to wake for his birthday and I have to dig up enthusiasm to go to an aquarium, when I am aching from walking round the corner. And I will go to the aquarium because he never does anything other kids do with their parents because of me. And we, I, he, will have an awesome time. X

I hear you. There is a peace in the silent background even when the mind/body/world experience is agitated. Happy Birthday lil Blue!!! I just sent you some super duper pain relief energies :). You know this shit is tough. Breathe. I am here for you whenever you need. "The mind is an excellent tool but a terrible boss" Alan Watts

Ps @auzerjasper seems like a great husband and smart too tehe.

Message to self.
When I host a pity party redirect me back here.

Well don't be quite so ferocious to yourself, less fangs xo

This vid almost did a miraculous healing on me lol. So much truth here. Such a learning experience to have to deal w such extremes. You always have my support and blessings. <3