Philosophy Of Nature

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Nature is an innate disposition of qualities that rules every phenomena of the physical world and life with neat laws and impulses. It is the fundamental designer of life and a source of infinite wisdom and faculty. Nature has always surprised humans with its sublime seduction and sincerity. Being a thoughful creature, humans, like other animals and plants have not only utilized its resources, but also have always been wondering to describe its divinity via poetry, literature, artistry and philosophy. It is a teacher of all teachings, a poem of all poetry and a mean of all meanings. It is our deepest inspiration.
Nature is a wonder in itself. There is in all things of nature, an inexhaustible sweetness and purity. The most important thing that nature cultures in us is curiosity. There is something in stars and sky that strikes our brain in awe. The beautiful earth and the creatures are books of infinite ethics. Seasons teach us how fickle and fluid our life is. It teaches us to stay lively during the gentle spring and be calm during the dry winter. Life alters like a flowing river, with struggles ending in the still sea. When the drought of desert and sting of frost come to bite our spirit, we ought to tackle it with endurance of mountain and wisdom of wind. We learn love from animals and plants. Be it a mother kangaroo keeping her joey in pouch or a tree desperate to save its seeds, all of everything teach us to love.

Nature has created arts like 'Irises' and 'Sunflower', from Van Gogh, poetic masterpieces like 'The Prelude' and 'Tintern Abbey' from Wordsworth, an evocative hymn 'Symphony No. 6' from Beethoven. It has illuminated Newton with an apple and Zen masters with a lotus flower. The core of all religions regard nature, their ultimate mother. The bee of its comb or a spider of its web have inspired minds with its strictest mathematical excellency. The herbs spoke Ayurveda to Charaka. Spencer's "survival of the fittest" teaches us about competition. Nature is an open book to everyone.

I live in a country of himalayas with multitudes of natural beauty. The sight of silent hills and windy whisper always gets me stupified. I enjoy the hidden wholeness, a meek nameless feeling it brings in me. I learn love from bird, catching insects for her babies. The beehive in my home teaches me more about unity than all my books. I receive hits of dopamine observing the struggle of a caterpillar turning to a butterfly. I have witnessed harmony and a mysterious unity in ants. A hibernating frog has taught me about adaptation. There is beauty in clouds, sunsets, thunder and rain. There is vitality, passion, benevolence and gentleness in every creature. But, human intervention is gradually depleting nature. The urbanization and rampant activities have dishonored its beauty. But, nature is too resilient. The earthquake that hit my country two years back taught me that we can never win nature, that nature is so powerful. I learned that we are but feeble creatures just proud of our intellects. I learned that these are the trees and grounds that make us so lively. I learned that soil is life and that life is so beautiful.

Nature is a door of endless innovation and possibilities. Biomimicry is a branch of science that imitates the natural models for human welfare. The flight of a bat guided us to build an aeroplane. The termite's moulds inspired our modern thermostat. The morpho butterfly's wings transformed our modern display system. Nothing is uninspiring. The dirty slime moulds motivates us to build sophisticated railway system. The nuisant locusts have changed the nature of our highways. The kingfisher's beak motivated the fastest bullet train and the spider's web drove us to make bullet proof jackets. Not even the virus escape from us without teaching anything. Our future of nanotubes and quantum dots depend upon its capsule. Thus, nature is the fountainhead of limitless knowledge. We are a part of nature. We are nature. We have learnt everything from it. What can we not learn from it?

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