Refugee And Settlement

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The vicious cycle of vulnerabilities, refugees suffer after the mass exodus is full of tears and terrors. The influx of refugees poses multilayered challenges in economic, social and political fabric. Helping refugees fit into their new homes and become contributing members of society is extremely arduous and challenging. I present a holistic and strategic framework that will, at its best, empower the affected group, respond to their needs, leverage relevant expertise, integrate labour market and economy promoting a healthy and dependable social enterprise. The educational, housing, health, sociocultural and linguistic integration also happens to be an important aspect of their establishment however, the front priority goes to acclimatize them in the host country with proper monetary and financial sustainability.
Lets centralize on their originality. It is worthful to polish the prevailing-skills of refugees rather than imposing new ones to lessen the employment burden. First, we need to recognize and grade their prevailing formal and informal qualifications and allocate works to suit them. The skilled will be provided with platforms as per their ability whereas the under-skilled will be given special skills as per the host nation's necessity. Then, we can microfinance resources and requisites and help them establish their business ultimately uplifting their life and driving our economy as well.
We will start with a small group of people who excel in bamboo or pottery making skills, paintings, weaving, tailoring, etc. Some will depict their cultural aesthetics through dances (like Cham, Zhungdra, etc. of Bhutanese), some will prepare native cuisines and delicious foods (like Ema datsi, Jasha Maru, etc. of Bhutanese) and women will be trained for textiles and carpet design mixing the Bhutanese design and Nepal's material. The children will be given a free primary education. A small cottage industry will utilize their skills. This would help them settle their life with a sustainable employment.
By investing in the main campaign we will document their new way of living and yearn for profit. Besides, linguistic and social rehabilitation will be an essential aspect of reestablishment. Their improved business will assist to employ other refugees as well steadily uplifting their overall condition. Also, this feeling of vivid culture would ensure tourist attraction and profit the scenario. In this way, we would magnify the concept and promote their status. After successful reestablishment, we'll opt for legal correlates to give them a full-fledged asylum and security in the host land.
A market driven, impact centered and income-based solution to social and economic challenges will be central to our project. A system with a canvas, pattern, design, strategy, process, outlook and profit will be our visionary essence. The theme of the project is to give them loans at lower interests as well as resources at suitable profit and receive cheap labor at ethical price. The tourists will guide our GDP. Besides legal and humanitarian decisions, we will reinvest profits into our project and make market-driven model to function. The supply and demand principle will seek to reach full financial sustainability throughout market. The refugees will receive skills, education and security and the host nation will boost its economy via interests, cheap labor and tourism. Finally, we can globalize the policy and this is the crux of my social enterprise.
Indeed, the practice of this project is back-breaking but with the right support, the refugees will receive a full fledged right and dignity in the new land benefitting both. As Mahatma Gandhi said, "In a gentle way, we can change the world." So, lets begin.


Allocating work to suit their educational level is very important, as you rightly stated. Doing this will ensure none of the refugee is left to fend for himself or herself without a way of making a consistent income

I think so providing the right education along with job-related technical skills will surely help them to get a better life

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