make it ultraviolence please

Thanks old droog, you're a real horrorshow!

hahaha fantastic! Can't wait!

There are two answers to the subject of this posts.

And the reason for both is same. Let me explain it. The world is not fair and all the people on this planet are not getting equal opportunities, facilities, environment, education, goverance and prosperity.

The regions where people are enjoying prosperous lives are becoming less violent in general whereas the parts of the world where lives of people are getting worse and worse show trends of more violence over time. European countries vs African countries for example. There is a stark difference in the living standards and quite naturally a stark difference in the activities of violence.

Technology is helping solving this problem through interaction, education, financial uplift and raising living standards.

Wishing for a peaceful world.


You are right, I live in Honduras and we have a very high murder rate, I'm talking about 14 a day, 30 years ago it was about 1 a day. But I don't see anything solving it, the only thing the government does is add more policemen who do nothing.

Thank you for the example from your own experience. Because no one is solving the problem properly, the crime rate has soared. Had there been a concerned goverment, people could have been served better and they wouldn't be so violent.

I am gonna get flamed a lot for saying this, but here I go anyways. The fact that Earth is getting a bit overpopulated doesn't make things any easier. Tons of new people being born that will probably not have a proper family or a proper education only hints that things may become worse. Especially in poorer countries, it is common for a woman to give birth to seven or eight kids during their lifetimes, and often these women don't have a proper education, they lack a husband, have to work minimum wages, and all that translates into the fact that she really can't take care of her kids, which then grow in the streets and are exposed to bad influences as they become adults. :(

And then someone comes along and says we are going to colonize space and save Earth for food and water. Everyone will have a position in this effort and will be paid by the most popular cryptocurrency for their efforts. huh? Oh wow I was dreaming.

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