Seeing Life as a Game: The Mind without Remorse

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We will inevitably meet individuals who consider life to be a game. For them, life is unadulterated fun and they will attempt to receive as much in return as they can. A man who has this point of view will regard everyone as playmates in this game of life. He will see everybody as a contender and his goal will be to beat them.

Having this point of view enables him to do anything and everything with a specific end goal to succeed. Conventional standards and society's laws will appear only as game principles he should curve or break.

Subsequently, it won't astonishment to see this individual deceiving others with a specific end goal to get what he wants. He will learn to charm and will utilize manipulation as a standard tactic to excel. And if these don't work, then he will cheat yet just on the off chance that he won't get caught. He should do this carefully, now and then perhaps notwithstanding leaving proof that will place the blame on another person.

And because life is only a game to him, the value framework he adheres to will appear superficial. He will fit in with what others trust so he doesn't appear to be changed to everyone around him. This flawed value framework grants him the ability to feel no remorse for the things he does. To him, the means will always be defended by the finishes.

It is frequently to a great degree hard to find whether the individual you are dealing with has this viewpoint. You may have even fallen casualty to his cleverness and still have no idea that you did. This is because charming and canny sociopaths are great at getting what they want while concealing their actual nature.

In any case, it is trusted that their one genuine weakness is feeling. They will appear to demonstrate feeling however simply because it suits their motivation. They may say the correct things yet their demeanors will appear to be inappropriate. They are exceptionally poor with regards to empathy.

In the event that you have doubts about a particular individual in your life, take a stab at telling that individual a sad genuine story and perceive how that individual relates to it. In the event that his reaction is very not the same as how you anticipate that other individuals will react, then you may possibly be within the sight of a sociopath. On the off chance that this is the caseBusiness Management Articles, then he may simply be playing with you and manipulating you. So it is probably to your greatest advantage to avoid this individual.


Yeah, like Pokemon, gotta catch them all, likes, friends, and money.
Like a box of chocolate, hehe. Like oatmeal and honey, so funny.

Very true!!

Life is a sophisticated game. Play it cautiously. Otherwise things might not be so sweet for you.