Congratulations @greenman i know how it feels to have 3500 followers, i know the joy, for people to trust your contents enough to always keep in touch with it, is something to me grateful for. Thank you for thanking us, and let's all keep steeming to the top.


An excellent selection of videos. I agree with you in the world of crypto currency will come an interesting future. Congratulations ! resteem

I'm totally glad to see this news of your massive achievement @greenman. Sure It's massive target hit in steemit blockchain. You're now better guy in here and giving help to vendors via your supporter's assistance. I know that and I'll wait to see your next target hit. Good luck sir.

giphy (2).gif

You cant me more correct. Recently a Bank of America analyst said that cryptocurrency are affecting their business and margin. As more and more people use crypots its just a matter of time.

Why you down voted me

I didnot copy's any one comment. It was my originally comment. If you look the timing properly. I posted the comment before that person. You have check the timing. My comment is older then that one.

Okay thanks for update but if you would have read my blog it states those who comment more than once are like spamming. Now if they are engaged with a discussion topic that would be different.

You cant me more correct. Recently a Bank of America analyst said that cryptocurrency are affecting their business and margin. As more and more people use crypots its just a matter of time.
An excellent selection of videos. I agree with you in the world of crypto currency will come an interesting future. Congratulations ! resteem

Amazing post Mr @greenman Blockchain is awesome RESTEEMED and shared in the facebook group And thanks for the catalytic support

Good afternoon !!! Happy for you!! Accept my Congratulations!


Hi @greenman, You post a few times a week but your blogs are always full of value. This is for sure the no.#1 reason that your fan following is increasing quickly.

Regarding social media, I agree with you. I believe Seth's Permission Marketing makes more sense in current times than it did ever:

I deleted my FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn because they use my data on behalf of advertisers - I don't like it

Luckily, the collective human conscience is not enslaved like many other things in current times. So, it does not let the time stop. Bitcoin was not an accident. What banks are doing or plan to do seems dire need of the time for their own survival. Thanks for sharing this article

Many congrats on hitting 3500 mark. You deserve more. Just shared the post with 1297 followers and also voted it. Already missing your next post. :)

Steem On!

Congratulation @greenman i hope you reach 10k followers very soon:)


Congrats @greenman I know how it feels to have 3500 supporters, I know the delight, for individuals to believe your substance enough to dependably stay in contact with it
funny animated pictures animals (29).gif

The system should have crashed years ago. How much longer will the spinning plates last.

Sad that most are blind to the actual problems of too much governments and dumb ass central banks. Only the few prepared will survive.

Real assets will survive the storm. Hopefully Crypto will be like a real asset :-). I want to be a part of the new wealth hah.

That is fantastic that you have reached 3500 followers! Congratulations on your milestone @greenman How does it feel to be free from FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn? I am considering the same. I appreciate all that you share with our #steemit community.

It feels liberating! Thanks. I was thinking of you yesterday. I need some art pieces for my new pad. I was thinking of those round geometric large circles you do. The ones around 1.5 feet in diameter. I saw a picture of it on Rosie. I need 3 of them shipped to Thailand and want to pay in steem or BTC. If you need to create them they will be going up on a wall in my bedroom with dark blue curtains and red bed spread with white walls. I will be overlapping them using foam mounts on the wall creating a 3D over lay. Can you tackle the mission?

Good for you!! Yes I would love to create 3 pieces for you @greenman. I have been making my round panels 12" & 24" in diameter. So would one of these sizes work? I can create new ones at 18" no problem. Yes BTC or steem would be great. I am wondering if there are any patterns that you are drawn to? You may see some examples of my recent work on my website I have been working with metallic paint and I believe that this will match most decor. Here are some examples of my recent work.

sacred geometry header-01.jpg

Great Art work

24" x 3 of them would work. I like your taste. I don't have any wood or browns in the room so would like to avoid too much of wood color in them. My curtains are royal blue and my bed cover is red with geometric circles embedded. I like the second picture above and want lots of bright colors matching my blue and red. Thanks in advance. Make them on light material as will be gluing to wall (its cement). Good luck have fun. I expect shipping to be a couple hundred USD and I will cover that but you may have to send it pre paid as they may not send collect. Let me know when you get a price and I will send you cryptos of some sort to cover.

The bed is so beautiful.

OK awesome!!!! thanks @greenman for this pic. I am already inspired and will begin the process when I get back to my studio in May

Hey @greenman. I got some round panels cut out of 1/2" thick birch plywood. They will each be about 4 pounds. Would this material be light enough? I am thinking in terms of durability for such a long journey. If this is too much, what might you suggest?

dudes time to remove your flags...this flag stuff is reducing investment and is a type of censorship.

Congratulations @greenman to you (gone so far with many followers and good quality post and supporters).. this post of yours is one of good quality being thankful and appreciating every support comes plus the guidelines you give which is very helpful from not begging for support to proper usage of photos and giving respect and everything of a very good use. Thank you for sharing and copy that. more power and God bless you.

Yeeey! Congratulations! I still can't thank you enough for the opportunity the last time. If something positive comes up, hopefully there's still room for me to join.

Thank you once again always spreading good vibes!

its more awesome to listen for your reach 3500 followers @greenman sir
best wishes for you for your more success in steemit and in your whole life and we respect your efforts and best work in steemit and also for all of us

"I finally understood the responsabily each steemians have as shareholders of the success and rewards of the platform." Also my opinion.

Congratulations. Wish you further a lot of success. I follow you like it.

As a greener than green newbie on the steemit platforms it's really empowering to read these posts. After all, we all want to live that dream also and it's only healthy to hear that it doesn't just happens over night, but rather through investments and hard work :D

Congratulations @greenman for followers and special for number of comments in your posts

@greenman I want to congratulate you for 3,500 followers and that Indicates the quality of the content softened provided by you
congratulate again

@greenman, My warmest congratulations to your achievement in steemit journey
You'll get next 1500 followers very soon, You;re the greatest steemian in steemit.


This is for you.....

giphy (1).gif

congratulation greenman


Congratulation sir, for your 3500 follower and i made a post about you.My some photowork for you.Please sir check:

congraculation @greenman your 3500 followers. wonderful photography. great work. best of luck. 100% like upvote and resteem

Congratulations! Amazing number of followers!
Had you been posting more often, the number could have easily been double!!

Thanks ever so much for such informative videos and warnings about this year show down!
I have told some of my friends to start pulling out of the stock market and buy some gold bars. Some Thai people just cannot handle digital money! They are afraid of complexity! You wouldn’t believe how I tried to persuade my friends to join Steemit but none, zero person, followed my lead! I was exasperated and was concerned about their being unprepared for the great shift this year. Lots of people will freak out.

I have been spasmodically active about making plans for the escape from the madding crowd once the Minsky moment hit hard!

All the best and keep the vids coming!

Congratulation for reaching 3500. This is evidence your valuable content is appreciated by your followers. I just followed you to add to the list

Congrats for your 3500 followers, where are you in Asia now, I reside at Asia in India. Hope you have enjoyed here. The market looks fabulous. Well we always will love and support you, always remain at top 10.

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Thailand through May - Then I think my son and I are going to do Japan! Thanks.

A very congrats to you buddy upon reaching 3.5 k followers :)

Congratulations @greenman to you 3.5k followers!
You are doing great work for steemit comunity with your true telling interviews and stories.

Congratulations on your 3500 followers @greenman. It is always good to celebrate our followers because they are special.

Congratulation sir on 3500 followers. We love you sir. You are great and awesome sir. We love you and your charity. I am your biggest fan. Thank you so much for thanking us.

Congratulations, where were you,,,

Seen your last long time before

The picture is in a market in Thailand. I am here until May and then hopefully in Japan with my son in June. Thanks.

Why was this flagged?

Wow, a big congrats to you @greenman. Reaching 3500 followers even with your inconsistency in creating blog posts is really a great feat and I am happy for you.


I actually follow @zerohedge and I read most of his posts about crypto and the way it's going to change the world and I can't agree with him any less.

I also watches a few of these videos and they are really great. Thanks for sharing them.

Congratz friend! It's not an easy task to reach 3,500 Followers in this amazing platform! But you made it!
Valuable and useful videos and I am really appreciate your idea to help us to learn about crypto based income and etc!


Well done 3500 followers is a very big community i'm sure you will hit 5k very soon

My Congratulations @greenman. We are with you ...... :))

It's time to welcome new followers!


congratulations for 3500 followers, hope you will get even better than before, this is really amazing that your journey on steemit is growing at a fast rate...
welcome to Asia my friend, you will see lot of good things here as I'm from Asia too, keep rocking, keep going man, love the way you express things and enjoy your life to the fullest...

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Congratulations for your huge success.I wish you more success.

I really Congratulate for achieving this target. Mr @greenman Its all due to your efforts and passion for this platform. I appreciate and Support you and also thankful to you for sharing interesting and valuable stuff. My best wishes for you for your future plans. take care friend.

Congratulations and very well done. I have just decided to join the pool as well. 3500 followers is such a great milestone that is worth celebrating.


Congrats on yet another milestone with the followers! I hope I can make it there one day.i hope you will get 4k follower soon.
Go ahead your next post of luck.
have a nice day.
stay blessed.


Most of the time when we are confronted with situations, rather than respond to the situation, all we do is react. When a defining moment comes, define the moment, or else the moment will define you. Your life is in your hands, you have the power to choose how you want to be remembered.?


Congratulation @greenman

Congratulations to your heart he milestone! Thanks to alternative media and individuals who tell the truth we can at least prepare for what is coming.

Congratulations, It's not so easy. Only for your quality content gives you this success. I am waiting for your post. But last 2 weeks I can't follow steemit, due to my illness. You definitely deserve this types of success.


Amazing post @greenman Blockchain is awesome RESTEEMED and shared in the youtube

congratulations on the followers 3500 and dear dear @greenman success always and I am happy to follow you here.Cheers to you and wishing you more milestones on this platform.The best is yet to come. Keep up and Steem up.
thanks for sharing important video clips.

upvoted and resteem

Congratulations for 3500+.
Keep going Dear.

Congratulation to have 3,500 followers. It reveals how many people love to read your post and attract towards post. Great achievement.
After Cambridge analytica scandal people donot want to rely on social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn which may cheated them. Crypto is definitely the currency of futrue. Your camera magic is continue. Nice pics. Have a nice time @greenman



Congratulation sir. I know that people love your post and learn many thing from you. Thank you for so many nice post's sir. I am your really big fan. I also inspire by you.

Great post and excellent post......

congratulation on your 3500 followers sir

Lol. Great find. Gif has made my day.

Fantastic. congratulations.... 3,500 is a Huge Number.

3,500 Gems....



You will get more followers if you keep on delivering value to this community.

Let the celebration song roll out!!!!

Congratulation @greenmanDQmUtS7Y2d7WrvZarVEPzXWAKwwiNz4iL9JDXEkZKPkQYdT.jpgcongratulation-gif-8.gif

wow very excellent post


upvote and resteem

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Congratulations for your brilliant success.That's a huge achievement.27653727_1791395670871026_2054719330_o.jpg

Hello @greenman,

Extraordinary good article & congrats for the 3500 followers.


Congratulation @greenman . And we also proud of to following you for good content of post, contribution to socio-economy. Wish you all the best.


Congratulations on your achievement I also want to be like you right now in steemit thank you for being the best in steemit good luck you

You bring be back to memories; the local people on the streets, so colorful shops where you could buy all kind of stuff. Also very fresh vegetables and local things like craftmanship from wood and so much other things. The whole atmosphere with friendly peiple di make me wanne be there and feel the exiting from the local markets.

woooowwww congratulation 3500 follower sounds great you are truly steemit lengend heart you big

Congratulation sir. Follow. Upvote and resteem your post

Congratulations for 3500+ followers sir👏👏👏😍😍😍

Very impressive achievement, congratulations to you mr @greenman, 3500 followers is a great job and great achievement, hopefully you will more success, thank you very much for your support and kind, greeting friendship from me @abialfatih in aceh indonesia

congratulation 3500 followers!!!!
It Is Great day
Thanks @greenman
Have a great day

have great day sir, resteem

A huge congratulations for reaching a milestone like this @greenman!

Congratulation greenmangreatjob-tigger.gif

Wow great achievement by following in steem as unique

Dear @greenman sir,Congratulation for your success.
This post is very useful for us.

My friend GREEN MAN i respect your every post, because i know you are different other them. Congratulation for 3500 followers.


spacial thanks and obedient to you for your last three vote on my you.

@greenman, Firstly tell you please accept:

It would be perfect target hit.. Sure..You'll get another 1000 followers very soon.
Cryptocurrency seems currently some downtrend, but don't worry everyone. Price will nearly gain and steemit will be great in future.

Sir @greenman I really appreciate you for your tremendous efforts for all steemians support and success. You are a helpful senior member of steemit that's why many people follow you to get more education and training from you and your posts. Thats the reason you reach to 3500+ followers.
Thanks for your contribution and support.
Looking for your more success.
Regards... @shishiristi

a suprise that you have so many followers, you have such a kind heart and your posts always touch and inspire us.It's true what you said we should treat each other like family and support each other. Your quotes give joy to our hearts.Be blessed @greenman

Congratulations @greenman for your...

n3500.jpg follower...!

You are so loved, Sir @greenman !!


Thanks everyone for the 3500! Make sure to come back to the comment section as it gets very entertaining and usually every post is in the TOP 10 for comments on steemit! Take a look at the top comments here on my last post, there are 244 so far.


Promoting Steemit:


One of best achievementMyLogo20180421192743.png

congratulation for your 3.5K followers, crisis should be over come.

awesome your blog sir,,,,,,
i love your all post...10174807_666848720102586_2027117778812979127_n.jpg

Great achievement........@greenman. congratulations sir for 3500+followers. I am following you and inspired from you. wish a great time in of luck.resteem and upvoted.

Congratulations @greenman..for reaching 3500 followers...
My greetings to you buddy..
Be on steemit and keep steeming...
We love to see you posting..

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Wtf he is my brother....

Welcome back after 16 days @greenman...
Congratulations for your 3500 followers. I am glad that i am also your follower..You always gives us valuable and informative this content..Thanks for everything...

Congrats on your 3500 followers..
Great milestone, you deserve it.

Wow... very interesting to see your great milestone @greenman. I prefer to say that you're best. Keep in touch with steemit. You'll get massive succeed.Remarkable news to me.


congratulation sir really you are a great person. i like you and your every work of luck..

congratulation @ greenman. you are really a great heart

Congratulations Sir @greenman

despicable me animation GIF-downsized.gif

Congratulations My friend
@greenman, for achieving milestone of 3500 followers. Its possible due to your continuous effort, hardworking and passion for this platform. My appreciations, prayers and best wishes always for you for your future plans

images (26).jpg

Your work is always good. Therefore, the success of your good work is for you.DQmUtS7Y2d7WrvZarVEPzXWAKwwiNz4iL9JDXEkZKPkQYdT.jpgCongratulations-GIF-Image-for-Whatsapp-and-Facebook-6.gif

Congratulations for achieving such a milestone.

Many many congratulations to you so good to know that you deserve it :D

Congratulations @greenman for Archived 3500+ Followers.

great work and carry on for more follower and more success.

You are welcome @greenman. Financial crisis is something that pops up once a while... lets see how it goes

enjoy to read your blog with the combination of travel and finance .
gratulations on your milestone

Congratulation @greenman .
Its your great achieve.
Always you best performance image

Congratulation for this huge followers .
@greenman sir.

Congratulation green man.
I am proud of you.
you great!!