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Heard of that story of a lizard on top of a grass thatched house that is burning up. Unfortunately the poor lizard happens to be comfortable and enjoying the heat ignorant about the burning fact.. All is well the lizard so thinks....Sad by the time the poor lizard notices the Hut is burning up it's late to save itself from the fire. 

And the poor thing is caught up in the flames and it's story put to a sad end. 

 A story about ignorance..

you know something really sad!! 

Getting too comfortable in terrible situations and thinking to ourselves that all is well. Aswell as Waiting to learn so late or to learn the hard way.. More often we tend to pay no attention to things happening around us for as long as they ain't happening exactly to us. (For as long as the tragedy hasn't hit you, you seemingly don't care)

t's so damn sad. Terribly sad. 

you know what would be great?

Caring enough and preparing for these distant situations before they hit us aswell. W'all too comfortable in someone else's trouble and too ignorant to notice that this same shit is around for everyone. And when our time comes we are too ignorant to deal with it. It breaks us down and takes alot more than it ever would have ,had we been prepared. 

We are only pushed to think when certain problems hit us. 

Bt have you thought about this.!!l

"that danger can also eat up your comfort zone like it did to your neighbours"

How about.. 

"preparing yourself enough for the time same tragedy hits your comfort ".