Hard work and determination are two critical factors of success in life. Success of all great and popular is a blend of determination and hardwork

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Failures and successful people

In our society, we find both failures and successful people. However, it is not just luck that governs a person’s success. Hard work and determination are two critical factors of success. 

 inefficiency and cowardness of a failure

And if you ask any failure, he will confidently blame his destiny on bad luck. He will not admit at all that he did not put in day and night hard work to achieve success in his task. This will reflect poorly upon him. A failure is someone who gives up the efforts when challenges come on his way, and he ignores them instead of facing.

This shows the inefficiency and cowardness of a failure person.

A British educational writer named William Edward Hickson once said, 

"If in the beginning, you don’t get success, then try, and try again.” It means that just because the first attempt one is not successful and it does not mean that one should stop struggling and be working but should be again and again.

Successful people worked hard to get success

 Successful people worked hard to reach their goals and success. They did not become popular or wealthy overnight. They struggled to get all this.

So, when failures blame their destiny on external factors such as luck, it shows that they are not hardworking and determined to get their success and goals.

Some people's effort and start is incorrect

 Some people work hard, but they never seem to reach their destination and goals. This reveals that their effort and start is incorrect. For example, if a student prepares himself for Mathematics exam by retaining formulas instead of applying them and solving them, he is bound to fail. In this way, it is sure that he failed because of his wrong approach but not because of lack of hard work. So failure should not blame his bad luck and destiny. Instead, he should analyze and think over it how successful people have managed to reach their goals. He should compare his strategies and plans with theirs to see where he is wrong and where he needs to struggle more.

Success of all great and popular is a blend of determination and hardwork

 If we talk about the Great scientists like Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, and Albert Einstein they did not become successful because of just destiny . They worked hard day and night and made many sacrifices to reach their goals. Here it is confirmed that success is not merely a matter of luck. It is a blend of determination and hardwork.

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I agree, in my opinion only a hard worker can eat, while the sleeping person, will not be able to get anything forever.
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