Its Been A Shitty Week

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@nursejamie spent 3 days in the hospital. As a complication from her first pregnancy with @logan3destroyer she had her gall bladder out. She has had complications with it ever since.

We found out last night our kids school (private) will be closing at the end of this year. I know. Privileged white people's problems. I'm a mechanic and Jamie is a nurse and we don't own our own house. So we are not rich. But we're not poor.
We just think our kids education is extremely important and sacrifice some material things to be able to provide that for them. Now we have to find a new school.

Shop is slow because it rained 5 weeks in a row in Texas. Nobody gets their bike worked on when its raining every other day.

It rained sideways yesterday in the evening just when the kids were going trick or treating for Halloween.

Not really looking for comments. Or sympathy. Just venting a little.

Next week has got to be better right?

I wouldn't mind a nice bump in Steem or Bitcoin. Where was that October surprise?

Thanks for reading my blog.

Carry On, HM

Heres a picture of a hotdog.



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Sorry to hear you week is crap - I thought it never rained in Texas.

You'd love New Zealand - land of the long white cloud - hardly any motorbikes of any kind here, let alone Harleys, because there is a $700 a year motorbike registration fee to cover all the costs of motorbike crashes to the health system.

Long ago I raced motorcross but there is no rego on those bikes doesn’t rain this much. All these storms in the Gulf of Mexico keep pushing thunderstorms up into Texas. It was just one system after another. Crazy.

Ever since I watched The Lord Of The Rings movies New Zealand has been on my bucket list of places to travel. If crypto takes off I might be able to bring the family. We would bring our own motorbikes though.

Incidentally, The World’s Fastest Indian is one of my favorite movies.

Riding around the south island would be awesome (apart from Christchurch).

We live in Wellington, in the north island, quite near to director Peter Jackson and some of the first Lord of the Rings movie was filmed not far from us on Mt Victoria

Unlike with motorbikes, NZ is very pro car. We are right hand drive like Japan but have no car industry. So we have free open import on Japan's used car fleet. After five years Japanese people pretty much have to sell their cars because older cars are taxed off the road.

You can buy a used Toyota here for about the price of a motorbikes annual rego! - so for a low pop country we have a hell of a lot of cars. Auckland is a nightmare. But the south island has amazing roads and hardly any traffic