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A word that hold a lot of meaning and sometimes hard to explain. Most of the time it will come with I and you.
To be clearer, “I Love You”. That is. I, Love and You. Three simple words that hold a lot of meaning. It can also be indescribable, unspeakable, or more than just a word. It holds such a wonderful feeling like happiness and joy, but I believe that it also holds terrifying experiences and sadness.

What kind of love do I have in mind?

I am not even sure if part of it can be called love. Well, you are my readers, let me know about it and if you would love too, do share with me your thoughts about this amazing word.

First Love.

One thing that is hard to forget, I guess. It could be a nice memory, but it could also be something that we push ourselves to forget. Mostly, when we talk about first love, it mainly refers to the first person we fall in love to. Do we?

Let us think about this in a lot more angles. For a start, how about the first time we see something that really strike into our heart and made us stay there forever. Something like a house on top of a hill, with gentle breeze coming into each of its windows, a view of sunset on one window and sunrise on the other. While sitting by the window, drinking a cup of freshly brew jasmine green tea, a view of as far as the eyes can see be the soothing experiences to the eyes. That would be a home where I will fall in love with and stay until my last breath. Isn’t it wonderful?

That is how first love meant to me, but things did not go as well as it is in the fairy tales. Let us go back to reality.
What do we do when we want to buy a house? We survey and after that, we will pick the best one. Hold a minute, I am not saying that when we are picking a partner, we survey them like when we survey a house.

What do we say after we survey a house?

• It is the perfect house for me. How much does it cost? Will there be any furniture comes with the house?
• I will think about this after I survey another house.
• I am sorry, it just not the house that I have in mind.

Let me bring you a little bit more into my thoughts.

Referring to the first answer. “It is the perfect house for me. How much does it cost? Will there be any furniture comes with the house? “
This is when I found the one.
It is the perfect house for me.
Someone that could make me laugh with all my heart, bear with me in my best and worst attitudes. Stay with me when I needed the most, pampered me even if I do not need to be pampered.

How much does it cost?
What will I have to let go? My dreams?
Am I willing to let go of all my dreams for just this one person?
Is it worth?
What will left of me after that?
I think the answer to all the question above and many more lies within an individual heart. Let the answer be our own little secret between I and me.

Will there be any furniture comes with the house?
What else do I let into my life? Well, a person is born. There will be family. Parents, Siblings, relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Once we let someone into our life there will surely be another person and another. Will I be able to accept the other too? Furniture can be exchange but it is not that easy with a person. It will be something to bear with and live with in the future.

This is just the beginning.

Love is a wonderful beginning but there are so much more to it than just a beginning. There will be a climax and then the end before the ending or there might be other stories after this one end.

Let me know what you think. I got a lot more to write but let us keep the stories not too long for now. If you guys would like to know more about what I will write, follow me and I would love to know about your thoughts too. I will write about this next, I think. We will see.


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