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It kept one mind focus on a job to be done. Some said that only yen percent of our brain is being use at all time. While being busy, all that 10 percent are use to complete a job that need to be done. Or is it?

I love to mkae my mind occupied with any work that can be done. That is why when I am introduced to steemit few years back, I am so happy. I'm glad the community continue in Hive.

Moment before sleeping

This is a moment which I dislikes the most. My mind keep on running on a lots of thoughts, depressing which doesn't actually exist. Past memories coming back. Disappointment that stop by to make my night a pathway to nightmares.

Sometimes it would be a debates of me and me going on through my brain at night.
How about you?
Do you experience things like this?
Or is it only me?
What so you do to overcome things like this?

I love to find positivity in anything bad that happened in my life but there are times that I'm tired of it. It cause my whole body to become extremely tired too. I wondered if anyone else feel like this.

That's all for now.

I promise a friend that I would share my new song, so here it is. I made it myself as a thank you song for my God. I'm a Christian, so if you would like to click my link please do and give me some love in YouTube channel also if you like this song. Leave me a comment about the song. Thank you in advance.

A song for you





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