I recieved a small gift from my gf for our 5th month together.

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Hello steemians. It’s me Helamia.
Today i had a wonderful day and i wanted to share it with you.

This morning i woke up at 9:30am as usual. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and i was getting ready to go outside because i had a meeting on a place nearby at 10:45 am.
Before i went outside i recieved a call from my gf asking me how i was and she asked me if i l’ve slept well. I didn’t have to much time since i was in rush for the meeting so i just cut the conversation without explanation and texted her before i started driving.
I told her: “i’m about to have an important meeting sorry to hang out the phone but i’m in rush”.
She understood it and replied: “what time do you finnish the meeting”.
I just didn’t answer that because i was driving and i didnt have any clue of how much time it would take so i left her waiting for a response.

That meeting went well and i called my gf and told her i’m done with the meeting and i’m free right now.

She asked me to take her out.
By the time i arrived at her home she was ready waiting for me and then i drove like a mile away to a great bar.

We had some good times there and i enjoyed every single minute talking to her.

I felt bad i left her without a propper answer so i started explaining. She immediately stopped me right there and said: dont worry darling its fine.

She interrupted me and took her bag and started to pull something out of it. And she was talking wile checking her bag telling me its our 5th month together and she bought me a small gift and gave it to me.

I got shocked right in that moment. I focused to much on the merting and i forgot about the date. I felt bad and i didn’t have anything to give to her.

All i had, was my excitement and appreciation and some apologises to her. I gave her a good warm hug and she felt good saying it’s fine, i don’t need anything from you. You’ve been giving me everything i ever wanted these last six months and i hope you will never change.

I felt so good and i just couldn’t stop hugging her and smiling at her.

That was pretty much all because we didn’t stay to much since she had limited time because of her work.
I sended her home and said my goodbyes.

Now i’m home writing about this thing, telling you guys how dumb i was today.

I’m hoping to buy her a gift tomorrow.
Please give me some opinions of ehat should i biy her.
I can’t spend more then 100euros on the gift so it shpuld be less then 100.

Looking forward for different opinions.
Cant wait to read them all.

Best regards. Follow me @helamia

The gift is below:
Right now i’m going to buy some chocolates and fill the box so i can eat chocolates from that box every single evening.

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