Escaping The Corona virus

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If there's one place on earth that will never shut itself down because of a virus, then it's the outdoors. The birds will always sing, the waves will always crash against the shore and the animals of the forest will always be roaming.

I turn the tv on: every channel I put on the word "corona" keeps getting repeated over and over. Like all the trouble of the world went away and the only thing bothering us now is the virus.

So I turn the tv off in order to escape this endless train of fear, deciding to check my Facebook instead; Corona this, Corona that.

Eventually, I get enough, where can you escape the endless conversation of an invisible threat you cannot see anyways? Has the whole world gone mad?!

So I go on Hive knowing full well the topic here is gonna be only about one thing: Hive is the best, the hive is the revolution, Hive is the life, hive is not hive... Hive this, Hive that!
Hive seems like the only place too busy talking about some virus and instead of talking about the greatness of itself. That's an improvement for sure, but not good enough for my current needs.

So I open up a window just to feel like anything but a caged animal. I noticing a whisper. The same noise that has always existed, never to change regardless of what the world deems as "fearful"... The wind and the birds were calling me and I knew it was time to go


I packed my bags, took my old trusty friend who I have been riding thousands of miles by now, Life Lontano. Asking him to take me away from this madness

If there's one thing I trust the most in this world it's my bike. No matter how far I have pushed it the only limitations have been my own strength and willingness. By now, this old trusty friend has been carrying me around whole Europe or in other words the equllivant of 18.000km. Through endless mountains and long forgotten tracks, it seems as I have been everywhere I have needed to be.

I am sure this old friend can carry me into a nearby forest, away from all the noise that's been haunting me for weeks.

So out I went the door.
Feeling the fresh sea air from the coast of my town, hearing the birds singing and with it the memories of my old adventures coming back into my mind. I have biked on this road before, but last time I was on my way from Denmark to Romania. This time, it's going to be a little Shorter to a nearby coastline by the forest. Yet, it feels just as important for me this trip. To feel once again my lust for these small joyful moments still is there.


Putting up camp away from all the noise of the modern world.

Being by myself is what I'm best at. So I guess you could say Social distancing is coming very naturally to me. Nature has always helped me calm my mind and start dreaming about the possibilities in life... Yes, I am a dreamer.

What better way to spend your free time than just doing the most basic of the basics such as peeing in nature, cooking on an open fire or falling asleep to the noise of the sea and the forest?

In recent times I've forgotten about this feeling. Being stuck in one place is unnatural to me and I believe this little trip to nature has reignited my lust for more again.


Sometimes all it takes is a little visit to the outdoors.

I cannot recommend enough for people that currently feel trapped inside their house, to look at the possibilities at hand to get out and enjoy the outdoors. This little trip for me quite literally gave me a much-needed relief of fresh air from the fear and noise of social media. I know what I am going to occupy my mind until this crisis is over: planning trips and regularly take out to greet ms. nature from time to time.
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All pictures of this post are owned by me.


Do you wanna share your outdoors experience?

I just happen to have started a community called "Outdoors". If you are like me and love to spend your time in the fresh air whenever you can, it would be great to see your stories shared there! It would be great to see people joining in and inspire each other to get out a little more.. Especially in these trying times.

See you in the outdoors!


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There is no escape from corona or face to dear everyone to fight against it, but we all supporting to protecting the earth and humanity.


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