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These days
Everyone carries a bale on his head

Each bale is in haste
stripped of shad and sunshine

Despite the wish to kiss the children, the bale stays on the head

Even when in love with a woman
he carries the burden of the bale

In the company of the friends
he laughs
but does not share the secret of his burden

The river seeks salvation in the sea
but the bale has no knot
that can be untied

If the bale on the head can be seen
heavier the bale
slower is the pace of one that carries it

But what kind of bale is this?
heavier the burden on the head
more swiftly he walks!

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I really like the various works of poetry and photos let me Resteem your best poems and photos.

thanks a lot @arjoena20 I am glad that you want to resteem my posts. Please go ahead, buddy. I shall be very happy :)

Another poetic gem from @honeychum !
"In the company of the friends
he laughs, but does not share the secret of his burden" - Beautiful line . It lifts the poem :)

Thanks a lot my friend Neha. I am glad that u got the soul of the poem. :)

always a soulful experience, reading your poems and stories , @honeychum :)

I am a fan of your writing.Though poetry is difficult to understand but whatever you write touches my heart.keep up the good work buddy.
One day you will surpass all.

Wow, it's an interesting poem and great photos too, it seems that you are artistic soul @honeychum! 📷📝👏

"The river seeks salvation in the sea" Fine. I like

Share your post has been very good. There is a lot to learn from this post. You talk about the life of the poetry. Everything is beautiful. I became your fan.

I am glad that u liked my poem :)

yeah sir vote my profile

You are a poet as well took me by surprise @honeychum 👍👍

Thanks buddy. :)

I like your post very much to me. I hope this is always better post than ever.

Thanks a lot mate @sagor61

gracias amigo! :)

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It was a perfect combination between your gift of poetic words and photography, fantastic

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