Broken and Disturbed.

in #life4 years ago (edited)


Just Because I wear bright red lipstick,
Doesn't give you an open invitation to stick your tongue down my throat.
Just because you can see my thighs,
Doesn't mean you're allowed to slip your hands between them.
Just Because I'm wearing a deep neck shirt,
Doesn't mean you gawk at my cleavage with a look that says you haven't eaten for days.
It's a shame how instead of becoming poetry, the curves of my body only tell stories of abuse.
It's a shame that my body knows only hunger and not love.
My body knows only hunger and not passion.
My mind knows not of support,
And the only picture my mind can recall is the greed drip off your mouth.
Different faces,one expression.
So what am I to do with this?
I wouldn't know.
I'm falling short of the person I'm becoming and I have no one to blame but my actions which lead me to this exact moment.
Tell me this, do we really have the power to take control of our own lives?
How does carpe diem work, when every moment that goes by, you keep thinking about how this will affect your life?
We live in a godless world;
I'm not sure even love can save us,
When all we know is starvation.


you are right @i69withyourmumi

great photo and writing awesome keep it up

agree with you friend best of luck

Thank you! And best of luck to you too

you are right friends

It's just an opinion! :)

Indeed true love is more than desire beautyful poetry

and what gives you the right to 69 with my mum? xD

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