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RE: The Story of Money

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Really enjoyed reading this thought provoking piece! Actually I've just hibernate through a bunch of your old posts and I just really enjoy your writing. Read one talking about your childhood and how you pretended you were in control of the rainstorms. I too did that. I thought that the rain used to come just for me... I also used to think this about the sunset. It was a magical moment meant just for me! What country did you grow up in if you don't mind me asking? Also I what brought me to your page was to say thank you for supporting me and my blog! I really appreciate it! Also really glad I found you... actually you found me but whatever, so I can now follow you and read all your future sharing! Lots of love!


Ah thanks for dropping by and reading through my stuff! Grew up in KL lol. I do follow Keni's blog once in awhile which is how i stumbled on your newly made blog :)

Wow! Not all that far from here! You still live out there? Cool that you found me through Keni! He's one of my favorite people! Always so super supportive! And of course I'm going to show love to the people who support me! Also helps that you are really great writer so thank you for that! ❤️

I think ive got a couple thousand names i remember on steemit lol. Yup im still around although looking to be mobile. Been saying that for a year but difficult having a baby (my dog lol).

Word. Traveling with a baby is fir sure challenging. Though I only have experience with human babies, I'm sure fur babies would have a whole other list of challenges