I hope these tips help! Good luck :)

Haha, you've forgotten already. I bought and want to hold an event where U.S. based Steemians get together and strut our stuff. I live in Roswell.

You are already having the event!! ??? I remember you telling me that.

I'm thinking July 1-4th or right around then. I'm swamped with other projects that I have to prioritize right now, but hope to talk with you eventually about it. Only you and a certain Steemian with the initials "PP" are really in the loop so far tho. I'm thinking so long as you and he and probably that Panamanian finance/social media guy are involved (haven't asked him yet), that's enough to move forward with an announcement once we're all committed to the dates, and then start promoting it together, at the same time. I definitely need to brush up on my webdesign skills first tho, and get a venue or two locked in. No time for that now tho - "the tyranny of the urgent" has me by the ---!

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