SPACE NEWS - Quake Alert, Exomoon, Mars Rover | S0 News Oct.4.2018

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Your Sun, Earth and space news - plus a round up of top scientific events of the day. Volcano, earthquake and severe storm forecasts...

Typhoon Kong-rey is set to lash southern Japan, forecasters have warned, just days after another storm left four people dead. Lightning strikes and heavy downpours are predicted by the country's Meteorological Agency, as the storm approaches the southern Okinawa islands. It said they could be hit with maximum sustained winds of 78mph per hour and gusts of up to 112 mph.
        Some parts of Okinawa and other small southern islands are already seeing rain, wind and high surf, which has led to a number of flights being cancelled at it's main airport in the city of Naha. The storm is then expected to sweep into South Korea and north Japan. Here in Costa Rica today it is a cool 25 Centigrade with 90% relative humidity with light 5mph winds from the East.
        How are conditions in your part of the planet? Comment below, including your location. It is always great to hear the local perspectives from our global community.

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Thanks for the update. Japan is going through some tough times with tropical storms! No easy place to live for sure!
Sunny skies, light breeze and 27 degrees here in Spain with the weekend set to be sunny and 30 degrees. 🦋🌈💛🌴❤️

Hi Sallybeth,
Yes indeed! BIG thanks for the update from your area - sounds like exceptional weather for Spain - beautiful!

Keep well :D

It’s very nice here yes.. fingers crossed for more of the same 😂

Yes :D

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