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RE: Making a difference

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@cliffpower It is simply great to share our experiences; and even more, to motivate others.
I am happy to know, in our world, we can found persons as you.


Thank you, I see your also a very kind person. Have a great day

@cliffpower Thanks, I wish a big day to you as well. Is a honor share this message with you. I want to remember always your name Id.
God bless you. I like to do a difference as you explained.

Right on thx I will also remember your name God Bless

The world will be full of love and enjoyable to live in when it is proliferated by people like you...God bless @cliffpower! Please continue being a blessing to others...

it's great sharing and getting to know fellow steemers, God Bless you @joshvel

I try but in my country is almost impossible to be happy, but we are trying always, Venezuela is my home; I hope steemit and all of you help me brothers and sisters

Dear @franmillan I want you to know that I am with you. I know the difficult condition of your country.
You have my support.

Appreciate how hard it is for people in your country, here's my upvote, it's not much but it's better than nothing!

Hello you have my support as well.

@franmillan I understand perfectly what you are talking about. But like my sis always says: " No matter the situation you're in, try to create heaven out of your living hell.

Hi franmillan, I am also from Venezuela yet happiness is a decision. We need all the help we can get however we must avoid mistakes in our country such as the bachaqueo... and most importanly contribute to educate people by setting examples. Be encourage .

Dear @franmillan , you have to make a deliberate decision to be happy, no matter what is happening around you, because a ship can not sink in the sea unless it allows water to enter it. What I am saying is that, if you don't allow the negative impression your country has to affect your mind, you will thrive and be happy. Because happiness comes from within. Never the less you have my support.

I am happy as you @zayan69 when I found a group of steemian as @cliffpower and you.

@sondoroy Hello steemian. It is a great post, because it is, exactly how we needs people act today.
I hope to read your post you again.

@nazmulsikdar98 Be aware, by 11.5.2018 you could be one of the winners.
If you work. See you soon.