Starve Your Fears

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Fear is becoming a part of the daily life of many people. And not only that, everybody nowadays is crashed with huge waves of fear at an alarmingly high rate.


First of all let me get something straight. Fear , like all emotions , is useful when it plays the role it was designed to play. And that is to warn us. Our ancestors needed fear so that they don't recklessly enter random caves and get eaten by their habitats. In this time and age, being attacked by a hungry tiger is not very possible , so we have not many things to be really afraid of , and yet modern human is in more fear and more times during his lifetime.

All of us can think many examples in recent days that we caught ourselves either feeling fear or a fearful sensation starting to kick in. There is even a new term that was created and is circulating our circuits that includes that very word fear . You know it , I suppose.

Ιn this post I will show ways to dispel fear , or starve it as I say in the title , so that it can be used only for what it was originally indented, to warn us about the possibility of getting hit by a car for example.

No Mainstream media

If you want to take away just one thing out of this post, if you want to do only one thing and see profound change , this is this the one. Close the TV. Stop following/reading mainstream media/news.

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Do this and your anxiety levels will plummet. They will minimize just like bitcoin did last couple of days and more.
News are designed to stimulate our amygdala , our flight or fight mechanism. You know how they go. Exaggerated tittles , dramatic music and continuous attention to all the gory details. There was an amazing study showing that people who watched more than 6 hours news of the Boston Marathon bombing , had more post traumatic stress than the people that actually were present at the incident. Imagine now in what kind of a stress and fear we put ourselves when we watch the news everyday. And this adds up.
We don't need this kind stimuli , so stop it and close that damn thing.
We can stay informed from trusted, toned down sources and don't worry , if a major catastrophe happens we won't miss it, we are bound to find out.

Fear's Favorite Food

In The 10X Rule, Grant Cardone tells us that we need to starve fear of its favorite food and that is time. Time is what drives fear. The more time you devote to the object of your apprehension, the stronger it becomes. So, starve the fear of its favorite food by removing time from its menu.

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Ask yourself what time it is at any point in the day, and the answer is always the same: now. The time is always now - and when you experience fear, it's a sign that the best time to take action is at that very moment. Most people will not follow through with their goals when enough time has passed from the inception of their idea to actually doing something about it; however, if you remove time from your process, you'll be ready to go. There's simply no other choice than to act. There's no need to prepare. It's too late for that once you've gotten this far.
Fear is about things that might happen in the future. But guess what , most of them will they never happen.
And the more time we give this feeling the more established and dominant it will become. This is why is so important to live into the now. We deprive fear of what it feeds upon, we are ready and we take action.

Actually do it

In the end, this is the secret of getting rid of fear. Actually do the thing you fear. Are you afraid of public speaking? Do a public speech. You won't die because of it, trust me. Are you afraid bitcoin is gonna disappear? Inform yourself about the technology being developed at the moment and maybe you will realize that bitcoin will live to see another day or two … or many more. Are you afraid to make this important call? Dial the number, now. Worse case scenario you get a no or else you get a yes. Both times you get an answer and get on with your life. There's no need think it over and over and stress and fear.

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Fear is about the worse case scenario, fear is about a future that in most cases never comes. Just take action now and you find delighted to find it out. Of course , I don't say that whenever you take action , things will go your way. But, you made one step ahead, you took valuable information and you are ready to take next step and the next one and the next one.

And this will never happen if you're frozen in fear. If you sit in uncertainty , if you are full of doubt. Yes, be carefull , yes be causious , but also be daring and move ahead. And let me tell you a little secret. Even the greatest of heroes are afraid and yet they have the courage to move on and do what they have to do.

So, here is it.

Embrace your fear, cause it is part of our nature.

But starve it, take action and it will go away.

Are you still afraid ?

And until we starve all of our fears…
Be Healthy, Smile and Steem.

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Great write up on Fear. Fear is a prison. I cut my cable and stopped watching mainstream news many years ago. That was the best decision I ever made. Not only am I saving money, but living a happier life. Living in the now is so hard to do.. takes practice, but when mastered is nothing more freer. Re-steeming. New follower.

Hey @jeff747 . Welcome to this blog and thank you for your support. :)

Your first point is so very true. I stopped following mainstream media news over 7 years ago and I have to say my fear levels are very low. In fact, they pretty much center on the basics of my family or fear of failure. It makes it much easier to overcome fears when it is only those few basic fears and not a constant bombardment of fears in your life.

People ask me how can I live without a TV.
I answer them "how can you live with one ???".

We have a TV, but mostly for kiddie entertainment and cooking shows. Plus Game of Thrones and the occasional movie. Total TV time is likely less than 3 hours a week, mostly on the weekend.

Obviously Game of Thrones doesn't count. When is the next last season, summer ?

I thought the last season isn't until next fall. Oh wait. Google says it will be sometime in 2019. Quite a while to wait then.

At least they make it epic...

you must say i live better

A lot people don't seem to understand the importance of fear. We need it to grow stronger every day.

This was my favorite takeaway:

Actually do it

I would often read on HOW to do it but I never ACTUALLY did it! I wasted nearly four years of my life not doing it because I was afraid.

No mainstream media

I used to work for ABC in the states and working there often made me fearful of the world because of how and what we often covered. I actually had information overload and woke up crying in my sleep because of what I saw. Never again.

BTW, I found this on the FB group! Great write up!

Some things a quite simple. But, doesn't mean that they are easy.
Maybe the easiest things are the harder to do.
Thank you for dropping by and resteeming . :)

Maybe the easiest things are the harder to do.

I 100% agree with this.

My tv is off but I'm still scared. to turn off the internet too ;)


Ok , but don't forget to steem , right ? :)

Yea...I just have to ignore the scary stuff ;)

internet isnt the best place but having so much ways to find informations its much harder to be manipulated. but im scared soon or later they will try some things to do it

A text full of wisdom, very true because I notice more and more people who make themselves sick by watching or listening to the media, it is true that, today, many threats are present, but There is no point in thinking about this all the time.
It only reinforces the feeling of fear over and over again ... But it's hard to resist that and overcome our anxiety.
Very sensible article.

Thank you. There is a research somewhere and I don't know how they found the number that says more than 90% of what we fear never really happens . Not even close . And we fear and we stress.
Doesn't really worth it. And when you know how it works you can control it and negate it.

Over time, I have always tried to cultivate positive thinking as much as possible ... Not always simple, but do not we say that the negative draws the negative? Some fears can be exorcised, I am sure.

When the "negative" neural pathway is strong , it is quite difficult.
What one could do is to "water" the positive pathway so that it becomes a tall , strong, beautiful tree that overshadows the other.
You might even use that image as a guide. :)

You have the voice of wisdom and beautiful ideas, have a nice day.

I love reading your story.
Darius experiences with wolf always catch my mind and want me want to read more.

Thanks for resteeming.
And I not sure what you mean by this darius and wolf ...

I experienced, sometimes you have to just sit in front of your fear and face them. Do nothing, just look at them! Let them marsh; just watch...

If it works for you it is great ! :)

I like it much especialy about media i have stop using tv for many years now

Many time I not-so-jokingly ask people what it is a TV . :)

for many years my tvsets are my monitors for my pcs lolololololol

Κάνε τα πράγματα που φοβάσαι να κάνεις, αυτο που έγραψες παραπάνω νομίζω τα λέει όλα...

Νασαι καλα . Το θεμα ειναι να μη τα γραφουμε , αλλα να τα κανουμε κιολλας.

Βασικα αν δε τολμησεις ποτε δεν θα ξερεις αν μπορεισ να κερδισεις.
το δικο μου συνθημα ειναι μην φοβασε να χασεις

και αμα χασεις εχασες. no big deal . you lose some , you win some.

TV is one of the biggest -if not the biggest- mind controlling tools, which is programming the masses in fear and submission! I only stream on demand!
Great post Ilia!
P.s. I guess you have read the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle... :)

Thank you. Actually I haven't read it. I must have read something similar.

From the way you write and comment it's obvious that you must have read something similar.
If you like reading books of this genre, this one is definitely recommended.

Yes , I know that book. So many books , so little time though ...

True that...

Egw blepw nikelodeon kai eimai mia xara.. 😀😀😀😀

Και που ηξερες τι μυνηματα περνουν . Ιδιως αυτος ο ατιμος ο σφουγγαρακης :)

Σωστός..αυτός είναι πισογλεντης..:))))))

This is exactly how it works actually.. As you very well said, by doing what you fear you eliminate fear. This has worked wonders for me. I still have some things to work on though but nobody's perfect..

And when you know how it works you actually enjoy those over dramatic news. :)

fear is something naturall the way we control is something we must work.
I have seen people pretendiing to be fearless and made so stupid things .
The big problem is when fear becomes a phobia thats is the worst thing
but the real win is to make your fears to concerns

It seems to me that fear should not be emphasized. Our thoughts are the material and if you think constantly about the bad, rest assured that it will be so! What if you try to distract yourself from bad thoughts and direct them to something pleasant, useful, positive? When we change our attitude about life to positive, I assure you, fears can be forgotten! Life also turns to us the best side. Our thoughts are reflected in the universe as in a mirror. Sorry, but this is just my opinion.

First of all , don't be sorry for your opinion. Everyone is entitled to at least one. :)
I agree that if you focus on the positive more positivity will happen in your life.

nice post good read. too many people believe whats on the tube. my modo is #turnoffthetube

I totally agree. And they shouldn't believe that's on facebook either.


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Ok.of course.I must write a thoughtful and meaning comment in your next blog

That's right :)

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