No Time Travel at 65 MPH

in #life3 years ago


Driving my two boys to school yesterday and we see this. I hung behind from the lane left of his long enough for my oldest to snap a great pic!

Unfortunately, the guy in the Dolorian was not Michael J Fox.


Neither was he driving anywhere near the 88 miles per hour necessarry for the Flux Capacitor to initiate time travel.

Here's the full size pic taken before cropping...


Hope you enjoyed and have a great yesterday.....or tomorrow.


Oh that's epic. I bet the owner gets put all over social media on a daily basis 😁

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Haha. So true. He probably gets pulled over by cops too, who just want to take a closer look. :)

Yep. Not sure if we wanna stay and fight or run to a State not managed by self serving politicians.

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