Was it a dream?

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I found myself sitting on the concrete block near the shore. It wasn’t a beach neither it was rocky, but somewhere between. I wasn’t sure how I got to that place. I could hear the waves washing on the sand. They were very gentle. Even though I was a good distance away from there, I could feel them.

It was a very fine and beautiful evening. I felt the nice and warmth of the setting sun on my skin and face. The breeze was a complementary from the sea. The tamarisk trees were whistling. And showering leaves gently. The leaves were dropping dry and weightless. The shore was empty as always. It was just me and the vast sea.

The rustling behind me attracted my attention. And two native people walked past me grunting as they supported the heavy Padauk canoe. The smell of the bait lingered for a while and then vanished. They dropped the canoe on the land where the waves were ending. As first started pulling the canoe in water, the second one got in. They exchanged some words in native tongue with turned into laughter. The second one got out and helped the canoe hit the knee deep water. They started paddling and there chatter lost in the waves. Slowly they reached a distance where I could see them only when the waves raises the canoe up and then it disappears till the next way. The peek-a-boo went on for a while.

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A scream of excitement brought me back from my thoughts, 2 beautiful kids ran past me to the shore. While the smaller one struggled to keep up with the siblings. The girl from the lot started walking on the shore as if looking for something and soon enough she crouched to pick up something. I could see her beautiful smile in the golden sun light. She ran back to the brothers who were busy gathering sand for castle. The elder one was completely focused on the sandcastle while the younger one was fascinated from the girls finding.

I heard a woman’s voice. A caring mother instructing her young ones not to wander off and go into the sea. Even though I didn’t understood a single word she said. The father said something and the kids looked in the direction of the voice to acknowledge. The man sat underneath a tree few feet away and the woman sat next to him. They got engaged in a discussion of their own. Every few minutes the mother would break the focus from the topic and look at the kids just to make sure. I believe it was very something interesting between them as the conversation involved a few words and even fewer smiles. But a lot of understanding as man got up and extended the hand to help the woman up.

The eldest boy made faces when heard the mother calling them back. His castle wasn’t finished. While the youngest one started running towards the mother. The girl probably didn’t heard the call. As she was far to immersed in collecting the shells and pebbles. She used her skirt as satchel and walked slowly towards the family worried not to lose her valuable findings. The family regrouped and walked.

It was getting darker. I saw two star appeared in the Far East side of the sea. The canoe re-appear and was nearing in.

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Excuse me, Sir.” I heard the voice and felt a touch on the shoulder.

Huh?” I startled.

Please put your seat in Upright position, we are about to land in few minutes.” She informed me with a smile.
And I replied with a big genuine smile.

I am @inuke.. and I am loving the meditation and mindfulness. Join me at indiaunited, natural medicines and be awesome discord channel. There is some much to learn in this world and these are some groups in which I am active. And by active I mean I pop up randomly.

May the peace be with you.

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Projecting to a beach is a pleasant way to spend a plane flight XD

I love you popping into our Discord, it's really cool to get to know you.

Isn't it funny how writing can be MINDFUL ATTENTION? It focuses us on the details. Your writing brought MY attention to your moment and your dream... you write well!

Are we always aware we are dreaming?

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Nice one 😊. So it was a dream? Or was it? Is dream just a dream or far more than that? I love this.

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