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Vismillahirrohmoanirohim Tofsir Al Muyassar (ilid 1 & 2) Darul Hoa Hardcover Publisher Tofsir Muyassar This is one of the simplest, most straightforward, clear interpretations of Viontaro keistimewoon Tofsir Muyassor:
I. Interpreting auat-auat in denaan manhai os Solof ash-Salih in masaloh akidah

  1. Mengkoneponkon interpretation based on riwoyot motsur shahih.
  2. Using kalimot-kolimot yong compact and mudoh disertoi with menjelaskon meanings of the city-the word osing in the middle-tengoh interpretation
  3. Only menafsirkon sesoi with ayot concerned, and menghindori existing denial in another auot, to be interpreted in tempotnua masina-respectively .
  4. The interpretation is done in accordance with the history of Hafsah from Ashim, and this is adoloh adopted in Indonesia and most of the Muslim countries.

This tofsir was compiled by a team of interpreters yong who has been selected by the scholars authorized in Mujommo Rojo Fahd for publisher al-Qur an, don also in bowoh penaawasan and dirangan seorana ulama uana qualified 9yaikh Vr. Salih Alu asy-Shaykh who became the main supervisor in lemboga is closely 3300 grom * Price Rp.300.000


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