only you that makes me happy

in #life3 years ago

Had a dream? May we so people honest in the ideals of ... honest his efforts, prayer, and worship (keep prayer, ngaji, etc. Seriously). People who wish to strong, look of the bright eyes. Honestly what it is comparable to as bright what bright eyes ... the extent to which sincerity, and busy what he made the pengabul ideals believe him. For example, when we want to be so bachelor, then how ikhlas our efforts to get there prove honestly what ideals of US. When we say want to have the descendants who memorized Quran, bachelor in economics-istiqamah what is the business and our prayers membersamai ideals that ... indicate how the degree of honesty US. There's no place the most eligible we alamatkan proof that in addition to God. Because get the trust of God means getting collateral for the good of great .. although no one who trust US.


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