The typical food of the ancestors

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hello the friends of steemit happy to meet with you both overseas well in the country. On this occasion I am talking about the typical food of Aceh ancestors.

Speaking about eating typical of aceh ancestors. I discuss about fried bananas. What I need to consider is a shapa who does not know fried bananas. Of course everyone knows whose name is fried bananas.

By the way for those who do not know fried bananas calmly. wait a moment I explain what is fried banana.

Fried banana is a banana that is sliced ​​in a slice with a knife and dipped ketepung that has been mixed with water and sprinkle a little salt into flour that has been mixed with water and then ready to cook enough oil and then in hot it with api.Sesudah boiling oil before bananas that have been dipped into the flour then released into boiling oil and fried over cooked.


so many of my posts I hope my post is useful for the food lovers out there.

Wassalamualaikum warahmatullah hiwabarakatu..

greeting steemit

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