Some advice in this time of containment !

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Containment, which has been in place for more than a week, can have both good and bad sides. In this case, we are certainly not all equal when it comes to staying at home for a significant period of time under the sign of isolation. While a major part of the population stays at home with family or in the company of co-tenants in much larger than normal places, others have no choice but to live this stage alone and more generally in a reduced space. This problem will inevitably have consequences on the psyche of this last fringe of individuals. Of course, as every person is different, some will undergo this state of compartmentalization with much less apprehension than others.

For people who find themselves in this situation, just as I am now, we must first and foremost give ourselves the means to not take the risk of losing control or contracting psychological problems that could eventually affect our own personality. The goal being to avoid falling into a state of depression due to a lack of sociable interaction, to avoid generating irrational fears related to the anxiety of loneliness or neglecting one's personal hygiene.

My personal case and what I've learned about isolation

Being more or less a hermit at my level allows me to face this quarantine more or less serenely. With time, I have learned to occupy my mind in a constant way and thus to find a balance that affects my morals only a little. Following a program that you will have built up beforehand will certainly remain one of your priorities. It is a good idea to plan what you want to do and impose recurring activities at fixed times. In this case, don't hesitate to keep an agenda that you may have in mind or to put it down on paper. Just avoid getting into bad habits, such as staying up too late.

Many of the intellectual stimuli, proving to be rewarding in the long term, are within everyone's reach. This introspective moment, which is likely to last for a long time, will allow you to take time to perfect your knowledge of different areas of interest. Take the opportunity to read, document and quench your thirst for discovery on various subjects. Watching films, documentaries and listening to music greatly increases your culture, while giving you a moment of personal pleasure. Focusing on a game with a strategic dimension will develop your sense of responsibility and decision-making. Getting involved in creating a professional or strictly personal project is also a way of keeping busy, while seizing an opportunity that could well serve you in the near future.

Do not become associable !

Being locked up within four walls does not prevent you from conversing with your loved ones. So take a moment to contact them and keep in touch with them. Whether by phone or on the Internet. Above all, don't take the risk of isolating yourself all the more. Express yourself, even if only to sometimes give signs of life and reassure those around you. Not least of all, it is important to maintain some contact with your neighbourhood. In these times of crisis, mutual aid is more than precious. Even if it only goes in one direction during this period, you will only be rewarded later and this will not deprive you of precious help.

Follow some basic rules

It is more than essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and body hygiene. Household chores must be done spontaneously and cyclically, which adds usefulness to pleasure (keeping the mind busy). Continue to follow a balanced diet and above all do not overeat, although one would tend to do so during this period of turmoil. Drink and don't smoke too much. I know it's going to be hard for some of us, but it's important to avoid all forms of abuse.

Finally, if for some reason you feel bad and your mental health is about to take a turn for the worse, try above all to reason without panicking. There is no shame in talking about it around you, know that there will always be someone to listen to you and support you. If you have a panic attack, use the belly breathing method and eat a piece of sweet food. If being alone makes you nervous, don't hesitate to write down your feelings in a notebook or text file. This will make you aware of what is wrong and you will learn to put things into perspective. Take regular breaks, naps or meditation sessions in order to get rid of the excess stress you may accumulate. It's just a difficult time to go through !

Take care of yourself and your loved ones !