Live your 'best time' every day!

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I don't know if you think the same or not but I find many (including myself) who have a plan to achieve someday. Like, I will quite this, I will live like this, I will stop doing that, I will start doing this; something like this. Everyday passes and I don't add many things in my bucket. Every day I feel like, let's pass this day I will live from tomorrow.

I don't live my best every day. In many days I go to the bed with hundreds of accomplished taste, thousands of guilty feelings, hundreds of negative thinking on my mind. And I always think that I will do better the next day. If you think the same, do the same then remember, you will never know when the next day will come and maybe it will never come until you realize this present day is the best.

There will maybe many things accomplished if I talk about your professional life. But in personal life, it's up to us. If you have a pending apology to ask then don't kill any more time; do this right now. If you have some dream, live this right now. I'm not talking about the long term goal. I know it's not possible to achieve now. But what I'm telling don't ruin this present-day thinking you will live the best on that day.


Make your present-day a 'present'. Do the best to make your feel happy and others too before you go to bed. Put a smile every day. Don't make a 'cry' end your day. Cry, deal with it, and feel better at the end of the day. Who knows if we will get the time to smile again or not.

It's not anything complicated to understand. Just sit and think how many days you ruined just thinking you will do better the next day. Promise yourself that you will not do that from now on and you will live your best from this moment!

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