Meditation and Intelligence

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Does meditation and intelligence go together? That is one of the many fascinating questions that is tackled by many people throughout the world. To answer this question, we need to make some points clear, because it has a lot of implications and repercussions on our life. It has been observed that meditation not only enhances meditation, but also improves overall mental performance and helps us to achieve greater levels of concentration. The same applies to intelligence.

So, what is the link between meditation and intelligence? Well, meditation is well known to be a spiritual practice that acts as a gateway into total and absolute peace, bliss and inner peace. Well, the simplest and shortest answer to that is a definite YES.

In order to explain this simple and straightforward answer, let us make a comparative study between meditation and brain function. Note that brain is a highly complex entity. There are different types of neurons in the brain that are responsible for different functions. Given this, it can be assumed that every function of the human brain is associated with a particular type of neuron. Given this, it can be concluded that the brain has a great reserve of non-neural cells called grey matter that is responsible for the operation of the human brain in all its incarnations.

Grey matter is basically the stuff of intellect and all the intellectual processes that occur in the human brain. This grey matter is largely non-neural in nature and meditating on the brain helps to cleanse this grey matter from all the cellular debris accumulated over a period of time. These cells are basically connected to different parts of human body and meditating on them can actually stimulate their activity. As a result, as the neurons fire during meditating on brain cells, some of these neurons fire along pathways connecting human body to mind, spirit and so on. Hence, meditating on brain can actually enhance one's intelligence.

Apart from enhancing one's intelligence, meditation also has a positive impact on improving the brain functioning. This is possible as the brain, as we know, is basically a circuit board of nerves. The brain is constantly getting stimulated and the process of meditation on the brain can definitely help to relax the nerves and give an extra boost to the intelligence. Apart from improving the brain's functioning, meditation also helps in boosting the immune system of the body. It helps to fight against all the negative effects that are brought about by stress and other environmental factors. Hence, by regularly practicing meditation, it is only possible to find positive impact on your intelligence.


Hence, by understanding the fact that meditation has a positive impact on our intelligence, you will not only be able to meditate but also allow us to understand the importance of relaxing our minds and thus, make our life more peaceful and enjoyable. You will also know that by meditating on such a strong emotion like intelligence, we can actually transform our lives into something wonderful and meaningful. Hence, by embracing a powerful yet relaxing practice like meditation, you will be able to let go any negativity that exists in your life. You will enable yourself to live a happy and meaningful life that you always desired.