What's Wrong With the Way Most People Make Decisions?

in #life2 months ago

If you are an executive, business person or otherwise in the public eye, chances are you have either been subjected to criticism for one reason or another, and probably a lot of it, in your entire life. So what is WRONG with the way that most people make decisions?

Let's first consider the people that are criticizing us. Some are saying that we don't listen to them. That we are always on the run. That we make too many mistakes. It seems pretty obvious that those criticisms are correct. But what's wrong with the way that people are criticizing us? Are they not the ones that are making decisions that affect our lives?

The answer is a resounding no. No one is deciding things for us. No one is making those decisions for us. We make those decisions every single day for ourselves, without anyone having to say a word.
However, there is also some criticism from those who do want to be heard. After all, those people do actually hold some power and influence in our lives. They do actually have a say in the decisions that are made about us, so that's something worth considering.

However, criticism should only be used to spur you on to take the right things into consideration. When someone says, "You make too many mistakes," what they are really saying is "You are too good to fail!" If you make mistakes, that doesn't mean that you are not as good as you think you are. If you get them wrong, you are human after all, but you are still an excellent human.

So, when you hear the words "you make too many mistakes," what you need to do is take the time to understand why that person is saying that. Why is it so hard for them to believe that you will not be the same person that they once knew? Is it because of something you did? Are there any flaws in your character that have led to your mistakes? Are they pointing to something about you that you may not realize?

If you were given the chance to look at the reasons that they are saying the wrong thing, and the reasons that they are saying the right thing, you would probably find that they are both right and wrong. Just by examining that you can see where the problems are and where the solutions are.

So, the next time you hear the words "you make too many mistakes," what you need to do is to stop and ask yourself, "What is wrong with the way people make decisions?" What is the root cause that has caused you to make the mistakes you are making? What are the issues that are holding you back from being the best you can be? or can become?
Answer these questions for yourself. The answer will allow you to begin to learn how you got to where you are. and what it is that is causing your mistakes. to be made.

Once you've figured out what is wrong with the way most people make decisions, then it's time to find a solution. Once you find that solution, then you need to use it. The solution will allow you to go beyond what your mistakes have been holding you back from achieving success in life.

This solution can come in the form of a different way of looking at the situations that you face. It can come in the form of changing a small behavior or even changing a larger behavior. Once you know what's wrong with the way most people make decisions, it's time to take that solution and move it in that direction. You need to find a better way of looking at the decision you have made to make mistakes that bring you a failure. And that better way will be something that brings you success. This means that you will be able to accomplish goals and achieve things.