Imagination is a powerful asset

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Creativity itself can be profoundly limited by our imaginations. It is our imagination that lends meaning to our lives, encourages creativity, fosters dialogue, and imbues all kinds of creations and discoveries with depth, beauty and meaning. As individuals, in turn, we often fail to realize how deeply we have been limiting our imagination. The human brain is amazing; it generates hundreds of thousand of images of the world every second, from people, events, objects or places. Imagination doesn't stop when we are not conscious of it, it constantly keeps on constructing and constructing the image of the future.

Although our imagination may be a powerful force of creativity and originality, it is also, quite simply, a totally ineffective way of getting things done. Our imagination is called upon to paint a picture, or to envision and imagine the results of different actions, but while it does this, it largely ignores the facts and data surrounding the situation, and gets bogged down by the gaps.

Without knowledge and motivation, it is not possible to make dramatic advances, develop impactful products and make a very high wage. This means that the way you work, and the way you think about your job, must fit with your mentality. You can't be successful if you work like a drudge or try to be something you're not. An ethical culture requires the attention of employees on the health and care of their body and mind.

When you have an hour to kill or five minutes to kill, you are likely to be distracted by work. Your mind has a million different things going on at the same time and is in constant search for new information or entertainment. You also have to think about what to do next. Most of us have "lost" our focus and have gone to the sea or went to bed early. It is also most likely that you are consuming more than you're being given.

In order to use your mind the way it should be used, it's essential to be able to imagine the good things and not the bad. The subconscious mind is like that too. Unplug from material possessions. This is the key to health. When you turn your attention towards the objects you use day by day, you cannot help but leave some positive things behind.
That is what meditation does for me. It takes me to a place of intense peace. I've been meditating daily for two weeks now and I cannot remember the last time I felt like this. I feel more awake, connected, in a better mood and a more confident person.

A lack of imagination means that we create excuses for our decisions, ignore opportunities, and are unwilling to be skeptical about everything we experience. Our experiences create mental blocks, and we try to tear them down by speculating about possible causes. When we can't use imagination to look at the world objectively, we cling to "What if?" or "What if I do this?" Our imagination needs to be strengthened to enable us to take realistic action.


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