It's Always Up To You

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We can not look at the small shortcomings of others, and feel that our own circumstances should be much better, because those excuses do not have to be committed to action. If we continually take action on the small things in the ways we believe in, we soon will find that things will get much better. Only after thinking about those problems will we find the solutions to them. We cannot really imagine how we would find the solutions ourselves without an inner conviction.

To achieve this objective, a person must first decide on his preoccupations and priorities in life. Secondly, the person must learn how to adapt his actions and thoughts to the current situation. He must decide on his methods of giving, receiving and resisting, so that in this world of conflicts, mutual pleasure is consistently achieved. If he does not know how to solve such conflict, he may fail in his attempts to live a peaceful life. If he is not able to do this, there is a high probability that he will be consumed by problems.

Like drugs, the wish power is very much dependent upon the genetics. There are numerous myths and and fears surrounding this particular power. Those seeking to develop it must therefore investigate and discover which of these are true, and carefully apply the necessary mental discipline. The should be knowledgeable in philosophy and theology, as well as all aspects of ethics.

Not all individuals who are born with the "open and honest mind" will be able to use the wish power effectively, but, only those who are willing and dedicated to commit themselves to them.While in alignment with positive thinking and positive mental image, those who are doing a true- life process of healing/treating their neuroses are guided to consider a certain third item in their overall blueprint: ; the quest for self-enlightenment and reaching your full potential .

Each and every time a person becomes aware of how beneficial a certain self-aspirational mindset is to his or her life, he or she can then become a role model for others who may be suffering or are just starting out with their life. All people who achieve their success without determination to work are still mentally flawed. They lack the necessary speed.

A slow or a non- rapid progress will only produce less achievement than one that is smooth and rapid. One of the most difficult traits which most men possess is one which will never be attained by them. The ability to perform the 'mental act of living', must be taken for granted by those who wish to progress along a successful path. But to the majority of men, it must be created by individual and individualized effort.

Figure out what problem is hindering your goals and resolve it. Next, find people you can talk to and eventually a significant other. Then have a serious conversation, preferably a conversation with another person who really cares for you, and then have the real talk. If you are able to use your present circumstances and current emotional state to change these 'apprentice' mental images, you will be "moving in the right direction."

After confronting certain thoughts and questioning their source, the individual will gain the courage and the inner strength to deal with the problem itself. One can begin to see the huge possibilities that lie just ahead.