You make your own fate.

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We make our own destiny, and influence how we will ultimately live our lives. But before we delve into a bunch of fate-means-what-i-want-us-to-say philosophy, let's begin with the fact that our "luck" is a huge contributing factor to our overall happiness. As a matter of fact, people who are successful in life tend to be happier than others. So how do we make our own fate?

There are no instant solutions to the tough decisions we face. Our fate dictates what we will be, and whether or not we will get there. The same goes for anything in life, like your career. Our work cannot be taken away from us. We have a responsibility to get what we need out of our jobs, and go from there. Who we become is a result of our own efforts. We can look back at our achievements, and smile.

Attention to your psyche is what opens doors for your future, which opens doors for you. Attending to your subconscious mind will reveal hidden intentions and talents that will keep you organized, motivated, and ready for anything. While the word is often used loosely, procrastination is commonly defined as a delay in a desired action or task, due to a desire to hold out for a better opportunity, or a desire to stay out of the way.

Many people in the current population have that one super power that they're always over-thinking and over-analyzing, this is usually it's called Decision Making. This is when you really let your feelings control your decisions. A lot of people choose to do something out of fear, they've been caught by a police officer that they think they've done something wrong, or they have bad luck because they can't get a date. People feel guilty about these situations.

Most of us start life with a vision in our minds as to what kind of person we want to be. This becomes a limiting factor and with it a limiting influence. If we lose our vision, we will inevitably start comparing ourselves to others, only seeing one another as objects of the same. Luck is one of the bigger negatives that will influence us in our physical lives. Our mind and our spirits are our biggest determiners in the reality we experience.

Time often repeats itself, making life predictable. However, it also delivers a range of more unpredictable gifts. Events are events and the most important thing in life is to view our future goals and determination with a clear head. While we're still young, we're open to many experiences in life. That may include meeting people, or coming across something that interests us. From those happenings, we may come across a surprising goal that can be used to achieve our goals.

Whatever the reason may be, understanding your destiny will bring you clarity about your path. You will know what you can and cannot control, and you will develop a plan that serves you. Understanding how you can best influence the fate of your relationship will serve as a foundation to guiding and assisting you through any obstacles or difficulties.


But the end of all things has drawn near. Therefore be sober-minded and be sober unto prayers.(1 Peter 4:7)

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