How to tell if you are in love or lust?

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It’s not always easy to tell the difference between love and lust, especially if you get the mixed feelings often. Sometimes, you have to ask yourself this question: is it really love or just the routine desire for the sexual intimacy?

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However, when the flip side of this confusion gives butterflies in your stomach, know that you finally have fallen into someone’s heart and soul rather body. Know that love and lust cannot go together. Since this is a situation all of you can go through, I have listed a few signs you can check whenever you feel confused. They sure will guide you through.

So here’s how to tell if you are in love or lust.

This, of course is undeniably the best rule to measure your feelings. Love makes you want to share your whole life with your beloved. If you are telling him how your day at work was, what your best friend bought for your birthday, or as less significant as getting a new pair of socks, youare love.

However, on the flip side of this, if all you talk to him about is his body, or simply praise him all the time of how good he is, you might want to double check why exactly you are wasting your time with him.

It really matters that in what context you think of him. Who do you think of whenever you get a promotion, you have your birthday ahead or you are planning to go watch a baseball match? If it’s him, besides your best friends of course, congratulations you are in love with his heart not his body.On the contrary, if nothing above happens, you are after him for lust.

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No girl would want to introduce a guy to their parents who have a chance of giving creepy feelings to her. If you really are in love with someone, want to settle down with him, like in a legitimate way, the first thing you would do is arrange a family meeting with him. Rather, if you are hiding your relationship with your family, know that you have not only an illegitimate one, but you also don’t want to talk to yourself about it.

We all can relate to this. Just like men’s body language changes with the context, women’s do too. If you are giving everyone around you uncomfortable feels by constantly doing clingy stuff in a much unsophisticated way, you are surely not in love. What people in love do is, consider their and everyone around’s privacy first like real family people.

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Since girls know they will be judged mingling outside in public with a guy who clearly has a lust for you all over his face, they try to keep this a secret. Women who are in love do not hesitate to show their affection for their spouses in public, rather they are proud of such display. Their men carry a certain air of grace on their face. A mutual understanding and respect can be seen among such couples.

It’s not a hard nut to crack, all you have to see is if you or your partner is taking interest in your life. Are you aware of what his hobbies, ambitions are? Do you give an ear to whatever he narrates you about his life?
If you do motivate him to live his ambitions, achieve something higher or encourage him in any way he needs, you are not after him for lust rather you are pretty serious about him.

For sure we can agree that getting over possessiveness can ruin relationships rather nurture them. You can’t really make someone your prisoners in love, you have to let the other experience their freedom. However, a bit of possessiveness is the fundamental key to love. If you truly love someone, you would not want them to go away or leave you. Instead, you would always want to keep them to yourself and have kids with.

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If all of the above mentioned points are related to you, you have a lot to learn from. However, only these are not like some hard and fast rules to keep a check and balance. There could be a lot more varying according to the individual situation.
Know that, lust does not have a good end. It will not only wreck your emotional health but your physical well-being too. It’s rather healthier to stay single and wait for the right guy you can marry!


Well done ,
Love is companionship, interest and responsibility
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing

you said: "Know that love and lust cannot go together. "

I don't agree with you. if you mean to end up in marriage with this particular guy/girl, then there should be both love and lust that you feel for him. Otherwise, your "love" would not be a romantic love but maybe just one for a friend or a sibling.

Very interesting and helpful! Upvoted!!

Kisses are a better fate than wisdom.

love or lust very much trending issue
Nowdays many people are victim of this

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the perfect thing is to feel both, love and lust. In my case, I am married and I feel love and lust for my wife. When I fell in love with her, I loved her and lust her. it´s something perfect.

There should be an undefined boundary between love and lust.

yeah thats a nice topic u are talking is very difficult sometimes to figure it out....but as the time goes on we have to ask our self....dear @jasimg wish u all the best

Great post, I gleaned from it. Thanks

Like i say there is a thin line between love and lust

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At the beginning is always lust, but through time you should know when that turns into love or not, and decide to continue besides the consequences. We are all humans after all.

There is always love and lust, because lust is a human instinct

Wow this is an incredible post. We all go through or went this at some point in our life which most times lead to confusion. I love the way you made your perspective very clear. This is so helpful

I'm married for almost thirty years, the first years of our marriage produced the glue that holds our marriage together today, for me being intimate with my husband is a spiritual act meant for God, husband and I, in our garden no one is allow but us, no public displays, no imposing our sex orientation onto anyone, since for us it is a gift from our Creator meant to be treated it with respect and care. Lust in the other hand, it is a fleshy and last just for a short time for when trials and tribulations surge it requires love, courage, patients and hope, but there is none to be found, but just emptiness, pain, dissolution and brokenness and for the most part the female is the one who suffer the most.

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In reality, love and lust are often mixed and difficult to distinguish.

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A very good review is really what you are talking about between love and lust. This feeling can feel and can distinguish between lust and love. lust only briefly but love will last long.

Lemme give my view on it.
Love is permanent, despite many ups and down.
Lust is temporary, just like the spark when match stick is fired.