If you don’t take chances, you don’t stand a chance

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To achieve anything in life, you first have got to make up your mind. The intention is the first and foremost thing, the rest comes later. But the rest is what the best is. If you don’t have the courage and guts to stand up before anything and anyone and take a chance in order to get what you want to where you want in life, your intention is useless.

Taking chances is very much allied to the task you have envisioned to attain. The greater its reward, the greater chances there are for you to take risks. To put it in other words, your willingness to work towards a certain goal articulates about the sweetness of the fruit of the outcome. And the datum that you’re pushing yourself to take a chance, a risk, a menace, tells your hardworking abilities, too.

Here are several reasons why you should always take the chance, otherwise you don’t stand a chance:

To reach the last step of a staircase, you need to start with the first

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In achieving anything, there is always the first step. There is no simple door to success but a staircase. Now, the number of stairs determine the number of times you are going to have to face the trouble of losing breath, feeling tiresome and worse of all, losing determination and the willingness to take a chance to go further. But remember, when you finally take the first step, remind yourself this was the bravest thing to do as the rest of the steps may not be easier than the first, but you can definitely go forward on them even if they’re filled with thorns. Because life is but a bed of thorns.

Life is for brave only

As every day passes, you keep overlooking your purpose if you’re not determined enough for your goals. Every day is just another day for you. But when you remember your goal or try to make up an ambition for your future self, you precipitously get up and then you suddenly realize how life is going to throw lemons at you if you take the risk. But remember to collect those lemons on the way to your aim, make lemonade, and hydrate yourself because life is for brave people only.

Say no to your fears

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If you don’t take the chance of facing your fears to overcome them and work hard, you won’t reach anywhere in life. Everyone starts somewhere, now is your time. Remember, nothing is ready-made. Even the clothes that you so happily buy from the markets thinking of them as ready-made, they’re only for you while other humans put effort and time in to making them. Everything is made from scratch and raw materials. All you need is to say no to your fears, get up, take the materials to work on your scratch and take the chance so you stand a chance.

Forget your comfort zone

Remember, no one has achieved excellence by being in their comfort zone. Not even Steve Jobs, Einstein or Newton. Ok, may be Sir Isaac Newton did as he was sitting under the apple tree shade. But that was before gravity wasn’t even discovered.

The real talk is, you won’t be able to get anywhere if you’re in your comfort zone so much. Take your head out, think broadly and deeply. Observe. And take action for your plans.

Now it’s time for you to learn to walk and run towards your chance of getting what you want. Stop with your baby steps and crawling, you ought to stand up on your feet, keep your head high and aim for the best.

Try, try again
The most important thing to remember during your process of taking a chance and experiencing is to not lose hope and heart if you fail the first time. Try, try again. And if you fail, do it one more time. Failed again? Remember, you ought to try until you reach what you want and are content with the results.

Remember, you are your biggest competitor. The only person you have to compete against is yourself of yesterday. Conquest him by working on something new and optimistic. Be more productive. Challenge yourself. You have to dare yourself to do better and you won’t be disappointed in the consequences.

You will regret if you don’t take the chance

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The last but really imperatively important thing to remember is this. You cannot and will not be disappointed in trying. But you will be badly hurt and disappointed if you don’t take the chance. The future-you will definitely be mad at you for God knows how long so it’s better to give something a chance and be happy with it even with the not-so-cool result rather than being thwarted and disheartened in yourself later.
So take risks and chances, accept challenges, climb the mountains, cross the rivers and burn the boats behind because life is willing to give you anything you ask for it. You just have to take the chance, otherwise you don’t stand a chance!


It's also important to try what you want to try, not what others want you to try. Good post.

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Thanks for this hot reminder, life is all about taking risk in achieving our dreams. If we continue to relent and have a care free attitude without faith and aim high in getting to our goals, dreams and wants we will never get there. Our fears are just illusions painting flase mirage towards our goals once we get rid of our fears nothing in this world can stop us, the universe even gives way to us.
But our fears does everything and comes in several forms to disrupt our view
That is why no matter how many times we fall we have to stand
For life is a battle field and we are warriors, as warriors we cannot be broken just fought. We are conquerors and we overcome
That is the cycle of life

It is also important to take the time to pause and give yourself some credit for trying once in a while. And if you succeeded in what you attempted - give yourself a lot of credit! Even if you fail at every second attempted you do you have to find the mindset of "I just have to fail one time to get where I want to".