Showing Gratitude can be done in more ways than you could Imagine!

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If you are able to read this piece of writing, anywhere in the world then know that you are among the blessed ones in this world. There so many things that we take for granted in our daily lives and realize their true value only when they’re gone. It later turns the feeling of gratitude into guilt and longs for it more than ever before.
Showing gratitude towards people isn’t only restricted to thanking them for what they do for you. It all translates your attitude towards life. It's about your gestures, thoughts, consideration, realization, and sense of understanding as well as compassion that defines gratitude. There are so many ways you can express it and. In fact, everybody SHOULD practice it!

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Be Expressive

People who you love deserve all your care and compassion and you should leave no opportunity to express how much they mean to you. Mention something specific that has made a difference in your life because of them and let them know how that particular thing has inspired you. It could also be something very little that they did for you once and don’t even remember anymore. Just mention it to them how it stayed with you for so long and it will really touch them deep inside.

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Be a good listener

When somebody is telling you something about their life or sharing some complain they have about something, let them know that you are listening and that they have your full attention. Let them know that even if their rant doesn’t make much sense, they’re important enough to be heard, their opinion matters and that if there’s any help they’d require from you, you’ll be there for them. That shows them their importance that is being translated from your gratitude.

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Small Gifts matter

Just like small gestures, small gifts can also make a big difference. Its always about the sentimental value that something holds for someone. So if there is a coworker who constantly supports you and does crazy things with you to make work life bearable, give them your most favorite stationery item that you think they might have their eye on. This being just an example, you can go for anything that could be special to you and that would really mean something to be given away.

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Get involved in Activities

I think generally, getting out of one's comfort zone is the hardest thing one can do. However, the results are usually fruitful. You might even end up adopting a new favorite activity for yourself too! When you really find someone special and value them and want to show gratitude to them, one of the purest forms of doing so is to do something with them that they enjoy the most, ignoring your own line of interest. It doesn’t mean that you have to blindly force yourself into doing something that doesn’t appreciate. It simply means picking up an activity that involves interaction and fun and lets you enjoy some quality time with the people you love. The ones who do love you would realize your efforts.

Compliment and Appreciate

With this fast moving world, people only care about taking the next step and moving ahead in life to make it better. In these times, it is very important to stop and think about everything that you’ve been surrounded with and if there’s anything that seems worth appreciation, do it. Don’t let it go. Appreciate it and encourage people so that they feel motivated and who knows, one simple compliment might make their day! Imagine yourself being their place and how you would be so glad to know that there someone who realizes your efforts.

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Make them realize their strengths

If you really want to do something good for someone, let them know not only their strengths but also their weaknesses. If it really helps them grow, I believe that is the most special thing one can do for their loved ones! We often don’t realize our weaknesses until somebody points them out to us. Even if someone does, we sometimes get defensive. The reason is that the style of pointing it out may sound like a personal attack and that’s where it all goes wrong. Knowing someone, you should figure a way of delivering your point. One of the best ways is to start by pointing out the strength and let them trust you with your words. Then gradually move towards weaknesses and let them know of your kind intentions. Believe it or not, this how showing gratitude really works!

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Yup, we all shall practice showing more gratitude towards others so that way others do the same specially the kids growing up they need to see how to show appreciation...we all learn from example and and experiences :)) so lets teach the new generations more gratitude :))

good.i agree with you.
thanks for shearing.or all the best✌

Youre right :) absolutely right!

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좋은글 이네요 ㅎㅎ
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i'm just happy to be here most days. living. it's a blessing.

Gratitude heals! The more we focus on small, precious and beautiful facets of our lives, the more our hearts and minds find rest, the more we will become whole and live our lives to the full capacity of what it means to be human! Gratitude is a major ingredient to becoming all you can be. Well, that is what I believe!

Simple thank you might enough. However, if you really appreciate that blessing, why dint return it to other people as showing gratitude.

Thanks for this!

Been recently, on the advice of my mother, practicing gratitude to make me feel better. People don’t know how much this actually works, when you say thank you to people and yourself.

There is this sudden contentment you feel.

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