How Do We Define A Successful Person?

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SUCCESS is something we're all aspiring for.

It comes in different forms and we also have our own definition of success. For some, success means being able to achieve his goals and aspirations. Others see success as having a good, stable and good-paying jobs, living in a comfortable and luxurious house, being able to indulge yourself on anything that you want to. A lot of people associates success with power. They believe they're successful when they have so much influence, they have people to do things for them and will tend to their needs.

How do we really define a successful person? For me, being successful means being contented and grateful for all the little things that you have. Living alone and being able to wake up on each day is already a blessing that we should celebrate. All the blessings that comes your way are already bonuses. Being able to breath and experience living in this world, despite the chaos and dilemmas, is the biggest blessing of all.

A successful person will not only focus on making himself more successful. Instead he will help and inspire others to be like him. He is not greedy, he knows how to give back to others. He doesn't see less-fortunate people as nuisances. In fact, he's more than willing to lend a hand for them and help them in any way he can. He doesn't work just for himself but for others as well. Furthemore, a successful person never stops learning. He knows that while he's still living, there's still a lot of things that he can learn that will lead him to better understanding of our society and humankind.

In my own opinion, a successful person is compassionate and sensible. He knows how to work hard to get the things that he have. He personally worked his way to the top by utilizing his own skills and squeezing every last ounce of courage and strength in himself.

How about you? What makes a person successful in your opinion? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the comments section. Let's talk about success and start an interesting discussion on how it should be used to make our society better.

Thank you for taking time to Read :)

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My dad always says being rich is not about how much you have in your account but how many lives have you impacted positively. That is the work of a successful person.
Laziness is an enemy of a successful person and also procrastination.
A successful person doesn't count his loses or how many times he has failed.
A successful person believe in possiblity and is always a goal getter

Everyone will want to succeed
But success is there are conditions such as working hard and keep excited
Sometimes it takes the support of people like friends and friends
Everyone has the right to succeed
But success is difficult to achieve if you do not want to try
But if you try to be successful it is easy we get

A Successful person is not lazy. He does his job well. He is proud. Their focus is different

Beautiful piece.

To me, Success is being proud of the man or woman you've become.